Waitlisted...Bad Sign?

<p>I just got waitlisted for the Olin School of Business. Scary! Now I'm freaking out bc I only applied to 7 school, mostly reaches, and this year looks ultra competitive. Is it safe to say that if you don't get into WashU you're gonna have a hard time getting into the Ivies?</p>

<p>BanaPie, you can't use your waitlist status at WashU as an indication of what other schools you will or will not be accepted to. Without knowing your stats, it is hard for anyone to predict your chances of getting into an Ivy. If you have super strong stats your chances of getting into an Ivy haven't gone down just because you were waitlisted from WashU. WashU will often waitlist candidates with strong stats who don't show interest in actually attending the school. So if you thought you were using WashU as your "safety", you just have to recognize that WashU is no one's "safety" and that the caliber of their student body looks very similar to the Ivies. </p>

<p>You said that you applied to "mostly reaches". Do you have any true target or safety schools that you would be happy to attend?</p>

<p>Dont use any schools admittance, rejection, or wait listing of you as a measuring tool to see whether or not you will get into other schools.
Honestly, I think people need to STOP trying to calculate their admission chances, because schools have seriously EXTREMELY complex ways of deciding who is admitted, and each school decides COMPLETELY different. </p>

<p>I was wait listed to Wash U... But have been accepted to UChicago early, as well as Cornell (I was informed today that I would receive an acceptance letter).</p>

<p>Absolutely correct....rule of thumb----kids will get into schools that they didn't think they would get into and not get into schools that they thought they would. The admissions process is a very strange thing for high achievers to go through, but, hang in there, one waitlist/rejection has absolutely no bearing on the other schools thought process.</p>

<p>this makes me feel much better</p>

We are in the same pool..waitlisted at Olin school of business,applied to 7 universities, mostly reaches,Lvys...
It means nothing,maybe you are just overqualified or they have very very limited places this year and didn't even serously consider every application after the places were filled.Just like sooo many EAs were defered this year because too many people applied...
Just relax...the best is always the last to come.
Best of Luck!</p>

<p>Olin has less than 10% acceptance rate, don't be surprised with a rejection or wait list. I feel many students apply to Wash U without knowing how hard is to get in. There are no one overqualified, don't try to convince yourself of that.</p>