Waitlisted Cal Poly Pomona

So I was waitlisted at CPP and want to know if there is anyway to get admitted. I have already accepted my spot on the waitlist, but I was sent an email getting invited to apply to the Kellogg’s Honor College a few weeks ago. Would that be a factor that could possibly get me off of the wait list? Is there anything I could do to better my chances?


Now you’ve got me nervous. lol I am currently waiting on my admission decision for CPP as well as CSUF and I also received the Kellogg’s Honors College invitation email in January.

What is your intended major?

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I’ve been frequently trying to find information on this topic because I was also waitlisted for CPP. Info in the Stats thread. (EE major)

To my knowledge, the Kellogg’s Honor College was simply an option on the Cal State Application that you could choose to receive an email. So no I don’t think that would be a factor.

I also have been on the CPP Waitlist FAQ and they ask that you simply wait after accepting your spot.
“The only thing we ask of our applicants is to opt-in to the waitlist by the deadline indicated in the waitlist offer communication. Applicants are not advised to submit any letters of recommendation, writing samples, or additional information.”

I would say to just patiently wait until a spot opens up… Hopefully we both get in.


Don’t be nervous! My intended major is Civil Engineering which I’m pretty sure is impacted, so that could definitely be a factor for being waitlist.

What’s yours?

Hopefully. Waiting is the worst part so it’s really raising my anxieties.

Yes, engineering is impacted big-time! Hopefully a spot opens up for you!

Business administration.

D21 just declined her offer from CPP for business admin since she was accepted to SLO today and loves the school. I hope you get off the waitlist soon!

Thanks! I’m actually not on the waitlist, but happened to comment in this thread. :slight_smile: Do you mind sharing your daughters stats?

She’s in state but not local. 3.95uw/4.3w capped CSU GPA with a few Honors and 7 AP classes

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Waitlisted last night for business administration.

sorry to hear that. I wish you the best.

Just got rejected from the waitlist last night. I don’t really care as I wasn’t too invested in the school, but I was shocked at how early it happened!

Sorry to hear that <3 I’ve also been waitlisted but still haven’t heard back :,)

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I’m patiently waiting on the waitlist as well… Wish there were more people here sharing their experience so we would have a better idea about when people are hearing back. I could’ve sworn I read somewhere somebody say they were told decisions could go into mid-June. Eeeek… Who knows what’s true though, this year and last year have been strange for school.


On their waitlist FAQ it was said that the waitlist results would be released by June 1st. So I’m hoping it is done by this Friday. I am still waiting on the waitlist for EE.

Quote from their Waitlist FAQ website, “We will re-evaluate our capacity to admit any additional students from the waitlist after deposits have been received by the May 1st deadline. We will communicate with applicants about their waitlist status no later than June 1st.”

Yeah! I’ll let you know if anything happens but I did see one post on Reddit saying that the waitlist is like musical chairs until the deadline is over.

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Oh yes, I’m aware of what it says on the FAQ’s, but thanks for pointing it out just in case.

My point was that somebody had spoken to admissions or somebody at the school and wrote that they were told waitlist decisions could go into the middle of June. This wouldn’t be unusual for CPP from everything I’ve read over the years.

I’m fairly certain we read the same post. lol We need more people speaking out about how it played out for them!

FACTS!!! But hopefully we all get accepted from the waitlist :,)

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Fingers crossed! It is not a fun place to be in.

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