Waitlisted Classes

<p>I'm registered for a class on the waitlist, I'm second in line. But this is for a community college and there are 30 kids in the class. The classes start next monday.</p>

<p>If two people don't drop by then am I screwed? Or can I go to the class and hope people drop within the first week or two?</p>

<p>My only option as a backup is to register for another class that starts tomorrow, and then if I do get accepted I'd have to drop a class I already went to. Also it's a friday class and as of now if I get the waitlisted class friday is a day off.</p>

<p>The reason I registered for the waitlisted class in the first place is that the syllabus looks more interesting than the other classes in the same section.</p>

<p>Contact the professor and tell him/her what you told us.They will have an idea of how many people usually drop. Or they may be able to add you into the class. If you can’t get in touch with the professor, go to the class and talk to him/her afterward.</p>

<p>Thanks for the idea. I had emailed my counselor and I didn’t get a response yet. I didn’t know if it would be smart to email a professor I hadn’t met yet so I tried the counselor first. I’m letting the professor know by email that his class seemed a tiny bit more interesting than the others.</p>

<p>Still though the class starting tomorrow is the biggest cause of stress. I can sign up for it right now. But I do think there is a more than decent chance of me getting into the waitlisted class because things have been going really smooth with registration, but on the off chance that I get screwed I’d be a few credits short of being a full-time student.</p>

<p>Lets say I wait, it doesn’t open up, and I try getting back into another class having missed the first day (which is just introduction and reading of the syllabus.) Would it be likely for me to be able to pick up a class I missed a day of?</p>


You’re not screwed perse, but you’re not getting into the class without outside assistance. </p>


You can go to the class. Just understand if all the seats are taken, and there is a person enrolled in the class, you must give up your seat. Priority goes to those who are enrolled. </p>

<p>You can ask your teacher after class if they can enroll you. Depending on first day or first week policies, if a student is a no show on the first day they are dropped immediately, allowing you slide on it. Talk with them, though, and see what options are available to you. </p>

<p>Did you actually say “a tiny bit more interesting”? That would not entice me to let you in my class! It sounds like there are other sections of this same class, yes? I would just register for another section if that’s the case…maybe you could switch over after a week or so and, if not, you will still get the class you need.</p>


No haha, I referenced his specific syllabus and told him why I would prefer his class to others. No use of the word tiny. Didn’t want to go into much detail of the actual class here because that’s beside the point.</p>

<p>Usually during the first week of classes there is a lot of movement, especially at community colleges. There is usually a one week Add/Drop period where you can freely add and drop classes. You should not really be penalized if you add a course after you miss the first class, but you should make an effort to talk to the professor to catch up.</p>