Waitlisted IIT Class of 2023

I was waitlisted yesterday and wanted to know what the admit rate for waitlisted IIT applications is? Have any of you in the past been waitlisted by IIT? If so, accepted? Denied?

Did you get a reason? Are they waiting for first semester grades?

They said they’ll look at my app starting from Jan and that I should submit new info (new leader roles, etc) to help make a final decision. And yes, they also want me to send 7th semester grades.

I am not in the admissions office but my suspicion is that they want to see your grades most of all. Those are the best indicator of success at Illinois Tech.

I have a 4.0 this year so I suppose that will look good when they get my mid year report and they make a decision on my waitlist. Have you ever seen a waitlisted student in the past get denied/accepted?