waitlisted into pacific dental program

<p>anyone else waitlisted into the uop dental program? what do you guys plan on adding to your application? good luck guys.</p>

<p>The best advice I can give you is to write a letter - a short update on your latest achievements, an upward trend of your senior year grades, if applicable. I wasn't waitlisted at uop, but I have at other places.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks! im planning on doing those now!</p>

<p>what’s the acceptance rate from the waitlist? i was waitlisted for prepharm.</p>

<p>Dang, I am perplexed by your guy’s determination… If you guys do get in from wait list I will literally bow down to you guys… Late determinations from UOP are oftenly RARE… Practically all of their Core majors are very strong(pre dent, pharm,business,computer sci, engineering etc) and people are waitlisted for a reason while they are accepted for a reason… but yah I will be personally astonished by your guys’ feat if you are able to get in… The fact that school enrollment deadline is by MAY 1st I’ll be suprised if your status changes any time soon. Good luck. Also I am blunt for a reason… to get you guys to move on I don’t want you guys to ruin your college future by just relying on a mere chance of luck to get into a fairly prestigious school.</p>

<p>-Possible undergrad entering 2015 class. uop/pepperdine.</p>

<p>There is no harm in pursuing a waitlist. Make a deposit elsewhere by May 1 and write a letter to UOP updating them on what you’ve been up to and confirming that the program is your first choice. Nothing to lose but that deposit.</p>

<p>wow this thread is from last year…</p>

<p>what’s there to be perplexed about? ppl will do anything for their top choice. and honestly, what do we (students) know about admissions? my really good friend was waitlisted last year for pre pharm only had a 3.6 and 1940 and she got into the 6 year program; you never know. and yes, the deposit is due by may 1st so its probably a good idea to submit an SIR to another college.</p>

<p>yeah nothing to lose except a deposit and yes, ppl are accepted/waitlisted for a reason. but at least they weren’t rejected straight off the bat. and as for prestige, this isn’t the only prestigious pharmacy school. i’ve gotten into some better ones like ut austin (ranked 4 in the nation for pharmacy), but uop is great since it’s in my home state and is a direct program.</p>