Waitlisted..need advice

<p>Hey everyone, i'm a student from NYC and waitlisted to Marist. Strange though since my grades were up to par, with an extraordinary background in extracurriculars, etc. Regardless, I won't hear back from admission after May 1st, yet I have to know other schools whether or not I will be attending by May 1st along with a commitment deposit. I want to know, what is the chance I will get accepted through from the waitlist bunch? Has anyone else been in the same position? Looking for answers, thank you!</p>

<p>If I were you, I’d send in a deposit to your #2 school and plan on attending there. If you manage to get off the waitlist at a later date, you can call your #2 and tell them you will not be attending. You will lose your deposit, but it’s worth it to have a solid backup plan.</p>

<p>whats your 2nd choice?</p>

<p>marist isnt going to their waitlist this year…i just found out yesterday when i called :(</p>

<p>I’m sorry :frowning: I hope you have your second choice locked in, and when you get there you will be happy. It’s like when too many great desserts are offered you, you are sure you can’t pick just one, or be happy with the one you picked, but in the end all are just as sweet. Yah corny I know, but sometimes it makes you laugh!
Good Luck!</p>

<p>I was wait listed to Marist as well. my grades were WELL above the requirement and my sats met standards as well. Like you, i’m in extra curricular activities, in clubs, nhs, world language honors society etc. I also got into every other school i applied too, some harder to get into than Marist. I’ve gotten scholarships from other schools and an opportunity in honors. Even when i went to visit, my grades met the standards of their honors program. I don’t understand it at all. I’m just as baffled as you are. If I were you, I would go with your next best choice only becuase a wait list isn’t guaranteed.</p>

<p>I didn’t expect to be waitlisted, and Marist was basically my top choice - are you positive they won’t go to their waitlist?</p>

<p>Look at the dates -this is from last year</p>

<p>My daughter, who sounds exactly like you was also wait-listed. She was over qualified, test scores well above average, got into every other school (still waiting on 1) she applied to. My guess is that they know that she needs scholarship $$ to attend and that is why she didn’t get in. I guess they have plenty that don’t need money to choose from. That and it was not her first choice. We are still waiting on Sarah Lawrence, which is her first choice, however, she knows she will have to go heavily into debt to go there, even if they offer her their most generous financial aid package. But, she got a great offer from Rollins College, which is local for us, and a school she did not seem so excited about, but after visiting it, she is in LOVE with it. That was a big surprise for us, because she didn’t give it much thought. So, I hope that you find that same feeling about one of the schools that maybe you hadn’t been so excited about, maybe it will turn out to be a better fit for you. My BIL went to Marist, said he almost died from having to live in Poughkeepsie, and hated the school for many other reasons. He transferred to Rutgers and loved it. Still, I’m sorry you didn’t get your first pick, but hopefully whatever you decide on will turn out to be somewhere you will really love.</p>

<p>just noticed this was last year, LOL!! Oh well!</p>

<p>The process of College Admissions is not cut and dried; there are things other than GPA and SAT numbers that they take into consideration. My son is a freshman this year at Marist but when he went for his interview last year the counselor he spoke with told him how competitive admissions has become and that they sometimes have to break ties with things like what state you are from. When you are looking at the school’s “requirements” for GPA and SATs there really arent any because it is based on who applies from your class. The numbers you are looking at are what the most recent class looked like, so you are comparing your child’s numbers with something that just gives you a statistical indication not a place in the class. As time goes by it is getting harder and harder to gain admission to Marist as they accepted 29% this year which makes it a very selective school.<br>
Having gone through the admissions process with four children I can tell you that it can be very frustrating as you have seen. After your daughter picks a school from her acceptances, being waitlisted will have absolutely no meaning to her any more. Encourage her, hug her and congratulate her on where she got in and on where she is going. Good luck; the fun has just begun!</p>

<p>With 11,000 applications for 1,000 spots, I am sure they had to make some tough choices. It hard to believe that they could actually review all of them. My D was also waitlisted and Marist was her first choice. After speaking with admissions, they have not gone to their wait list in the last two years. Hoping to hear, but making plans to find a new number 1.</p>

<p>I think Marist worked pretty hard on their decisions. They called my daughter’s guidance counselor at school to find out just how interested she was in the school. And to be honest, it was not even close to her first pick, and I knew the average amount of aid that they gave so I was not hopeful that we would be able to afford it in the long run, so I told her gc, who called me before she called them back, to be honest and let them know that she loved the school, would love to live in NY but that it was not her top pick. I could not see us lying and saying “oh yes, it’s her dream school, we would DIE to go there”, when I knew that the chances of her taking that school over one she has pretty much decided on. I knew that would be taking it away from some other kid who was dying to go there. It just made me feel a little better about the school and realize how difficult their job was. They made some tough decisions.</p>

<p>I hear you!! Marist was my son’s top choice and he applied early action not knowing how little they give in scholarship money. Other schools (not his top pick) gave him a lot of money so he is happy to go where he will pay almost nothing for 4 years. I feel bad too that his spot could have gone to somebody who wants it and can afford it. Hopefully somebody from the waiting list will get his spot.</p>

<p>daughter was waitlisted, received call last night to join Marist only if she was willing to start in Florence! not happening…too bad, as it was her first choice.</p>

<p>I received the same offer as your daughter ^ but I am intrigued by it – perhaps you should watch some videos on the Florence Freshman experience; at the surface it seems pretty “out-there” but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the testimonials of kids who have done it. Not to mention, you still spend three years at the NY campus upon returning.</p>

<p>true, but not as her first year, too many people have told me that your friends and “groups” are made in your first year. any other year is fine by me, but doesn’t matter, they called again last night and told her there was a spot in New York for her!</p>

<p>Well here’s a new twist on this thread. My waitlisted daughter just got a letter saying Marist can’t take her this year, but they want her to transfer and she’s already approved for 2013. Never heard of such a thing, but this is only my second time at this process so maybe it’s common and I just didn’t know it.</p>