Waitlisted...now what??

<p>to my surprise, i got waitlisted to w&m, and now im not sure what to do. my counselor had told me that w&m would be a "match" for me. w&m wasnt my FIRST choice so im not entirely heart-broken. but still...i applied to uva (1st choice) and now thats looking very grim. do i still have a shot a uva, knowing that i got waitlisted to w&m??</p>

<p>btw--i am in-state from va.</p>

<p>i desperately need some hope right about now :*(</p>

<p>Yes, you still have a chance at UVA; it all depends on the composition of the class that they want. Waitlist at W&M says nothing about your chances at UVA.</p>

<p>"Match" simply means that you are qualified for the school and you have a reasonable shot at it; your waitlist shows that W&M was indeed a match - they believe you are qualified. Unfortunately, "match" does not mean, and never has meant, "sure thing."</p>

<p>Waiting is impossibly hard, and I wish you luck!</p>