Waitlisted St Olaf Class of 2026

Hi CC community!!

I was recently waitlisted for the class of 2026. As the decision date approached, my nervousness increased. I tried to console myself, but deep inside, I was worried. On getting the decision at 4 AM, it was a little disappointing.

I had tried to check all the boxes, had three international and many national winning,a sat scroe of 1350 and O/A level transcript of mostly a and a star. My expected family contribution was 18k dollars. I am feeling very depressed now and dont know what to do.

As per guidelines of the internet, i wrote a letter of continued interest but even 24 hours later there is no reply!!!. Some earlier threads asked to increase the expected family contribution. If yes, how could i do it and how can i decide how much. Are there any other suggestions i could do?

Thanks for your time

Hi Ahmad, I just want to say that I hope you were able to get into a school that you are happy about. College searches can be very stressful.

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