Waitlisted student needs help

My son got waitlisted in columbia,cornell,nyu,john hopkins,and case western,suny downstate bamd program.we r feeling so depressed

Where did your son get in? This is a weird year, with test optional admissions, deferrals from last year due to COVID, very low admission rates. Hoping he has a good school to attend. As parents we often have to help our kids get over disappointment and look ahead.

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BA/MD programs are MORE competitive for admissions than the elite schools. Did he apply to the BS/MD program at CWRU too?

Columbia, Cornell, JHU and NYU had very low acceptance rates.

Where did your kid get accepted?

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He got undergraduate in Hofstra pre health ,Temple university,penn state ,

Is he in-state for PA? Where does he plan to go?

New york

He didn’t apply to SUNY schools? He now only has OOS Temple and OOS Penn State, and Hofstra as his choices? Did he get any financial aid for any of them?

yes he applied suny and hofstra

suny downstate bsmd wailisted and hofstra bsmd rejected

he got financial aid for Hofstra

He should probably go where it’s cheapest for him, of the three options. He doesn’t have a SUNY admission that would be less expensive? He’s full pay at out of state tuition rate for Penn State and Temple? How much will Hofstra actually cost him?

Does he have a regular SUNY admission (not BS MD)? Did he only apply to SUNY BS MD programs?

What was his plan B if he didn’t get accepted into these very highly competitive programs?

Hofstra is pricey even with aid which is not usually that generous. Is this school within your price point without parents taking loans?

A regular SUNY program would surely be a less costly option for a NY instate resident.

@sybbie719 any suggestions?

Here is a suggestion…it sounds like your kid wants to be a doctor, right? Maybe he could take a gap year. Take a CNA course at the local CC and then work as a CNA (great work experience for a med school wannabee).

Then apply to regular SUNY programs which are likely way more affordable than Hofstra. Hopefully get an acceptance to a SUNY. Complete the bachelors and then do a tradition medical school application (instead of the BS MD route). With CNA certification, he will be able to find a job…and probably can work a little while attending undergrad.

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I would not pay for Hofstra over SUNY. Now it is the time for your son to meet with his counselor 1st thing Monday morning.

this weekend he needs to dedicate himself to doing his research.
There is more than one route to get to med school. This is where you are going to see what your counselor is made of-s/he will reach out to their connection at the university centers: UB, Bing, Albany and Stony Brook to see if he can get a seat.

Don’t be afraid to look at the other SUNYs , which can be quiet assassins, because they are not the usual suspects when people look at SUNY.

Don’t sleep on programs at SUNY ESF (which is literally across the street from SUNY Upstate Med) and next door to Syracuse (he can take 15 credits at Syracuse at part of his SUNY tuition ). Unfortunately it is too late to apply to their early assurance program, but he can still look at their pre-med advising


If interested in a DO program, don’t sleep on Fredonia:


Fredonia also has articulation agreements with

Articulation agreements are in place for SUNY Upstate Medical University, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine
SUNY Optometry
the New England College of Optometry
University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.



Also remember that there is more than one route to get to med school. I would strongly recommend that he look at FlexMed at Icahn school of med at Mount Sinai (the program is actually for students who are not pre-med)


Since the NYS budget literally passed the state senate yesterday and is waiting to be signed, one of the components of the new budgets is that there will be a 3-year tuition free on SUNY & CUNY tuition (you will need this money for med school)

To qualify, you will need the following:

Students entering the second year of college as full-time students who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree at an accredited 4- year college/university in the United States or Canada.
One academic year of college biology, OR one academic year of college chemistry, OR one academic year of college physics.
The year of biology coursework can cover any discipline of biology including human biology, genetics, molecular biology, pharmacology, cell biology, physiology, microbiology, immunobiology, etc.
The year of chemistry coursework can cover any discipline of chemistry including general chemistry, organic chemistry, or biochemistry.
You cannot use AP or IB credit to fulfill this requirement. You must take higher level science courses to meet this requirement if you have received college credit from AP or IB coursework.
You must complete this coursework by the application deadline of January 15.
Have previously taken the SAT or ACT exam
The FlexMed application opens mid-to-late August and the deadline to submit an application is January 15.

A completed FlexMed application consists of:

FlexMed Application
SAT and/or ACT exam reports
High School transcript
College transcript (which includes your Fall Sophomore year final grades)
Three letters of recommendation:
You are encouraged to provide one letter from a high school teacher/guidance counselor or college professor/faculty advisor, one from professors in the sciences, and the third from other academic and/or professional references such as research mentors/supervisors
Recommendation letters should provide the Admissions Committee with insight into the applicant’s motivation for a career in medicine.
Personal statement (3 short essays)
$110 Application fee


All is not lost, he is just going to have a busy weekend

All the best


Can you afford Penn State or Temple?
Both are much better than Hofstra.
Hofstra is less good than “flagship” SUNYs like Stony Brook, Binghamton, Geneseo, or Buffalo, and even than “regular” SUNYs.
In May there’ll be a list of colleges that miscalculated yield (often referred to as “NACAC list”). Colleges can miscalculate yield because their software can’t predict how teenagers are fickle and flock to a competitor, or because something unexpected happens (like a pandemic), in addition to “usual” colleges with space because they combine strong academics and rural location, or because they are large and have lots of space. Your son should be ready to send lots of applications within a few days of the publication. Did he use CommonApp for his first round of apps?

What are you son"s stats? Advanced classes taken (dual enrollment, AP, IB…)? Majors applied for if any?


tuition fees only seven thousand for semester .i would like to know hofstra is the good college

Again, I would not pay double the money for Hofstra over SUNY


Was your son admitted to any SUNY university or college? It would be extremely helpful if you would list all the schools where your son applied, where he was accepted, where he was waitlisted, and where he was rejected. For the schools he was accepted, please list his total cost of attendance, broken down by tuition and room and board vs potential to live at home.

His best option would be to attend a SUNY school. Does he have that option?

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It’s $14k per year without other costs.
You have to be the judge of whether you think it’s worth it because YOUR son did apply there.

What people are trying to tell you is that the State Universities of New York (SUNY) are stronger.

@sangu: not really. Not for a strong student at least. Only 49% graduate in 4 years. 20% freshmen choose to transfer rather than stay there.
Most SUNYs are better than Hofstra. Did your son get into any SUNY? Hofstra is a regional university without the backing of a State (like SUNYs). It’s not especially strong in anything in particular and most students aren’t especially studious or motivated. Certainly your son, if he has the stats for top universities, can do better. Can you tell us what AP or IB classes he’s taken? Any test scores (AP, SAT, ACT)?
If he didn’t get into any SUNY, there will be better universities on the May list than Hofstra.
(This year, there’ll be strong choices on the May list of universities that miscalculated yield, because the test optional situation created a weird cycle).

I would not choose Hofstra. There are articulation agreements in NY between community colleges and SUNY schools. I would go this route or try to get into a SUNY right now. Are Temple and Penn State affordable? A gap year is another option.