Waitlisted....what now?

<p>My son just heard that he got wait listed at Rutgers Univ. Is there anything more he can do now to increase his chances of getting in or does he assume that he just didn't get in? Anyone know of anyone who got in to a school after being wait listed? Thanks.</p>

<p>A few years ago (2009) I was waitlisted at Bucknell as well as Washington and Lee University. I immediately sent back the cards to say that I was still interested. Every time they asked if I was still interested, I replied that I was. </p>

<p>My favorite was Bucknell, and I had already emailed the director of the bands because I played in the band in high school, and wanted to be in the Bucknell band if I were admitted. The contact with the band director resulted in my acceptance there. Unfortunately, there was no financial aid, so I couldn't afford to attend and ended up at a cheaper college. </p>

<p>If your son has not contacted someone at Rutgers, perhaps he should consider doing so. A coach, head of the department in which he'll major, a professor whose work he admires, someone he could establish a contact with who might put in a good word for him. I was very glad that I had already established an email conversation with the band director at Bucknell, because that man's call to their admissions made all the difference for me. </p>

<p>If your son winds up in a similar situation, please tell him that there is life after being waitlisted, and we sometimes end up better off than we thought possible at another school. Good luck to him!!</p>