waitlisted, what should i do???

<p>i'm completely shocked - i'm an international student asking for substantial fin aid, and duke is not need-blind. i got waitlisted, anything i should send to duke via international express mail immediately?</p>

<p>It is a tough year. In the letter my d. got, they indicated that there were 20300 applicants for 1650 spots. That means that they only have room for 8% of all applicants. (They'll admit some number more than that, of course, since not everyone admitted will come.)</p>

<p>So I can't imagine what you could send that would get you off the waitlist, unless there's something substantial about you that they don't know - you've been awarded a patent, had some research published, or other rather awesome activity. </p>

<p>The yields this year are going to be weird, and I don't think the schools know how the acceptances will work. So maybe a slot will become available for you.</p>