Waitlisted-what to do?

<p>Brandeis seems to be my first choice now only if i were able to get in.
Anyway, I am considering to write an appeal and would like to know what kind of information i should include in that letter. Would any of you guys give me some info about it, please?
Also, Brandeis says that it might give me some financial aid if i got admitted in the end, but i am not sure if the school will still have enough money to provide for me.
Do any of you guys know about how the financial aid system works at Brandeis?</p>

“When we talk with domestic students and their families about applying to Brandeis, we explain that students are accepted on the basis of their academic record and personal accomplishments,” Eddy wrote. “We also tell them that we are need blind up to our waitlist, when financial aid dollars have usually been expanded.”

The</a> Brandeis Hoot Admissions not need-blind for all students from article appearing in The Hoot one of Brandeis' student newspapers. [i assume he meant expended not expanded, but that's how the quote appears]</p>

<p>in other words, if you are accepted off the wait list, you cannot assume you will get the same amount of financial aid that you would have if you'd been accepted as part of original acceptances. one could even interpret the above quote as meaning that they may give wait list preference to those who do not need financial aid, but i have no personal knowledge as to how brandeis in fact chooses people from the wait list -- just saying the quote is open to that interpretation. officials at brandeis are the only ones who could tell you definitively how this would all work.</p>

<p>at this point, it may be best if you did not plan your future based on brandeis being your "first choice" since you have not been accepted. i am sorry if that sounds harsh -- but it may be time for you to be focusing your thoughts on the schools where you have been accepted. if you think there is any information you can provide brandeis to update your application that would help your chances, i guess there is no reason not to submit it, but do realize, that if you are accepted you may then face the additional difficulty of determining whether you and your family can afford it given the financial aid policy. (i'm not saying you wouldn't get enough financial aid -- just that you can't assume you will and you won't know until you hear from them as to what if any aid they would be able to offer you if you are accepted off the wait list.) </p>

<p>but in any event, good luck with ending up at a school where you can be happy, whether that ends up being brandeis or elsewhere.</p>

<p>Just to make clear, that policy listed above is not a new policy per se, Brandeis has always been need aware for wait-listed & international students.
You should contact the Financial Aid Office if the situation arises and let them know any concerns you have and make sure they have the most up-to date information:
Financial</a> Services | Brandeis University
Also, even if you don't have official aid, you can still probably work on campus. Work study people have priority, but there are usually positions available. I work in the library and as a student assistant at the Center for German and European studies, just as an example, although I did have work study. Other kids work as tour guides, lab assistants, the bookstore, in the campus center, tutors. Here is a listing of available opportunities currently:
On-Campus</a> Job Opportunities | Brandeis University</p>

<p>Thank you, Brandeismom and catperson247!
Your elaborations did help me a lot!</p>

<p>Anyone else want to comment on this topic?</p>

<p>Brandeis likes to admit students who demonstrate they will be a good fit and be very happy in the school's unique environment. In your correspondence, you must succinctly explain why Brandeis has what you want as compared to other schools. You must also explain why you love Brandeis and why you feel you would excel there and nowhere else.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>