Hi I have been waitlisted at RISD and I’m an International student what chance do I have of getting kn?

It’s difficult to say. We don’t know if estimates based on past years are going to be accurate or not due to covid 19’s impact on people’s choices and finances.

I do think that the ability to be full pay will be an advantage in getting off anyone’s waitlist. College budgets have been severely affected by this crisis. If you need considerable aid, hope for the best, but move on emotionally, make backup plans. If you can for certain afford to pay the full cost of attendance, it won’t hurt to let the college know that in a letter of continuing interest.

As an international, there is a good chance you might not be able to start until the spring semester. You are very unlikely to get a visa in time for fall. Again, hope for the best, but be realistic in your planning.