Does anyone have a suggestion for a proper response if a top 20 law school requests from a waitlisted applicant (S): what is the latest date the applicant needs a decision by from that particular law school? S is already accepted to 1 top 20 law school and waiting to hear from several waitlisted schools including 5 in the T14 and several schools in the T20 (S likes 2 but likes the T14 more). He made acceptance deposits for a T20 school, T30 and a state school (3 deposits for 3 schools). Second deposits are due around June 1st. S knows getting off the T14 schools’ waitlists is going to be a long haul.

It’s really up to your son if he wants to hold out to the very end to get off the waitlist. I worked with someone years ago who started law school at Michigan and got an invitation to Harvard a few days later. He packed up the family and moved back to Boston (he’d gone to MIT for undergrad).

What I think he should do is pick from among the three choices he has before the next deposit is due. It’s silly to pay three deposits when he can only go to one school.

A guy I’m working with accepted one school (state) and is on waitlists for 4 schools in the T-14. He is also considering delaying a year and applying again, and earlier, for next year. He originally was going to have a self imposed deadline of June 1 (because he’d need to renew his apt lease) but is taking a trip to NYC so wants to see the schools and decide after if he’d like to delay a year.

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Double depositing (in this case, triple depositing) is really frowned upon by law schools. He should expect a phone call or email from the three admissions offices asking him to clear it up asap. Schools were informed if their students were double deposited this week.

My law school grad received an intimidating email from his US law school after he didn’t decline his non-US law school. He hadn’t even double deposited.

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thanks for the insights.

do admission offices of various schools communicate with each other? That appears to be the only way they would know of double or triple deposits. S has another friend who is doing the same.

LSAC communicates with all law schools. They used to send out a list of who was double deposited but it seems they stopped doing that in 2019, so my earlier post was out of date. Instead, they send out the number of applicants who have double deposited at each institution.

Double depositing is still frowned upon. Here’s a recent video by the Dean of Michigan’s law school on the subject - A2Z 33: Double Deposits - YouTube


Thanks for the information.

That is an informative video. I’ll forward it to my son. Thanks again.

BTW the UM dean has done lots of videos on admissions issues applications etc. Looks like very informative stuff for any student looking to apply to law school

Thanks. I saw a few of her YouTube video presentation on UM law admissions. There were excellent and I forward it to my son. My son recently made the 2nd deposit for a T20 school. He is hoping to get off the waitlist from several T14 schools and one T20 school he likes. Thanks again.

My son got into a T14 school which previously waitlisted him. He was set to attend a T20 school (w/a very generous scholarship) until he got the call. We’ll be paying full price for the T14 school. Hopefully, in the long term, it is well worth the costs. It was an exhausting experience to remember.

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Congratulations to you and your son. I’m sure it was tough riding the waitlist for so long. But as the saying goes good things come to those who wait.

Thank you.