<p>So is this the equivalent of a refusal, or is there any chance of being admitted? Anyone have experience with this or perhaps know some statistics involved?</p>

<p>I'm also waitlisted. Our chance of eventually being admitted is slim indeed. The waitlisting letter is funny in that everything it says sounds like reason why I should have been admitted. Ziggy, I'd appreciate it if you posted your numbers and activities as a reply. This will serve many, many UChicago waitlistees. Thanks, and good luck.</p>

<p>SAT I : 2070 (710M, 690W, 670CR) - don't think I sent this however
ACT: 33
SAT II: 770 Math2, 730 Spanish, 700 Bio-M - don't think I sent these either
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): ~3.6UW
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): ~10/170
AP : n/a
IB : not yet available
Senior Year Course Load: IB Eng HL, IB Hist HL, IB Bio HL, IB Span, IB Art, etc.
Major Awards: In-school awards mostly, and some piano competitions
Extracurriculars: Wind Ensemble (1st tpt and lieutenant); Jazz Band (lead tpt); art club (president); 3-yrs of key club; pianist for some in-school ensembles + pianist for drama club, and several outside of school (8+ years)
Job/Work Experience: n/a
Volunteer/Community service: Lots (at least 150h)
Essays: Good
Teacher Recommendation: Great
Counselor Rec: Good
Interview: n/a
State (if domestic applicant): FL
School Type: Private
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: M
Income Bracket: 70-100k
Strengths: idk
Weaknesses: Maybe rank? </p>

<p>Looking back, it's kinda average and maybe slightly below uchicago. But a friend from my class with very similar stats got in.</p>

<p>There's a thread about this in the main board that will be more active that you should check out...</p>

<p>Thanks, I hadn't seen it before.</p>

<p>I'm not sure whether this is a good place to post my question, but since I'm new to this post let me try.
My daughter got rejected from UChicago while being accepted in Stanford (ED), MIT, Caltech, Brown, Duke (and a few more I think). Any idea WHY?</p>

<p>@ mashaa: Since credentials were obviously not the issue, I'm thinking fit. It's possible that something in her application tipped off the people reading her file that she didn't fit in with the school's overall vibe/atmosphere.</p>

<p>Or it could be that the admissions officer was just having a bad day. It happens, sadly enough.</p>

<p>Did she apply last year? Because none of the other schools you mentioned have released decisions except for Stanford, if she applied EA.</p>

<p>RynoWeiss: she applied this year. MIT released decision on Pi day (March 14), Caltech even before then, Duke, Brown, Dartmouth and Amherst - likely letters...</p>

<p>I see. I couldn't tell you an obvious reason, because clearly she was an outstanding candidate, but there's always the chance that they just didn't believe she was excited about UChicago in particular, or maybe they thought she would crave something they didn't offer.</p>

<p>But like I said, clearly she is a top, top student, and should be proud of all of her acceptances.</p>

<p>Chicago was strange for me. I was waitlisted also. </p>

<p>Although I have recieved good news form cornell dartmouth and duke, chicago doesn't seem to think I'm a good candidate.</p>

<p>Perhaps the applicant pool was too big this year and they accepted too many early action.</p>

<p>My message is this friends, do not despair. You will get into colleges elsewhere - colleges perhaps even better than Chicago. </p>

<p>But from what i hear, their waitlist percent last year was 0. so this year will probably be likewise since their applicant pool has only dramatically increased. </p>

<p>Good luck everyone come april 1st!</p>

<p>I am dying to know whether anyone got off the waitinglist today for the University of Chicago...the suspense is killing me!</p>

<p>ANYBODY hear back yet?!
i just really wanna know so i can enjoy my summer in peace and not have to worry about this hanging over my head</p>

<p>Have you guys checked out the main board?
A lot of ppl are saying that WL spots have already closed, and it is quite possible as Chicago had high yield this year.
And i dont know of anyone who got accepted after May 1, which is kinda creepy.
but yeah check out the threads on the main board and help speculate</p>

<p>what main board are you talking about?</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-chicago/918181-chicago-waitlist-call-starts-week.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-chicago/918181-chicago-waitlist-call-starts-week.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Has anyone heard anything from Chicago?</p>

<p>My son just got an email from his regional recruiter at UChicago indicating that the school still hasn't decided as to whether they should draw people from their waitlist but that they will make a decision very soon. I imagine the next week or 2 they'll make a decision.</p>