<p>If anyone has sent in their waitlist form, please post here whether you have heard anything yet.</p>

<p>I haven't heard anything than again I only sent in my response four days ago. I'm assuming it will take them a few weeks to even confirm that I'm on the active waitlist. I wrote them a letter reaffirming my interest in the school and my promise to attend if I am accepted off the waitlist. I'm completely serious about it. TCNJ is the school for me and if I get in I'm going.</p>

<p>My daughter sent hers in and hasn't heard anything yet. I'm sure we won't hear anything until after May 1st when accepted students need to reply with their decisions. Frustrating for sure!</p>

<p>My S's letter stated that TCNJ will respond by 4/15. Didn't your waitlist letter say the same thing??</p>

<p>Disregard my update above.....the 4/15 date was the day the response needed to be in by.</p>

<p>I was taken off of the waitlist. I haven't actually gotten the letter yet but a person from admission called me and left a message saying I got accepted. I'm so excited! TCNJ is the school for me.</p>

<p>Congratulations oxiate,</p>

<p>What are you going to be majoring in?</p>

<p>Thanks, chemistry.</p>

<p>has anyone else found out yet???</p>

<p>I know two students from my child's school were contacted in late April and offered admission from the waitlist. One was Elem Ed the other Psychology. My hunch is now that 5/1 has arrived TCNJ and all schools will know what their actual yield is and if less than expected more movement should occur on the waitlist.</p>

<p>Is anyone else on the waitlist still waiting to hear back?</p>

<p>me :(<br>
i called the admissions office and they said that they admit until the end of june</p>

<p>ugh :(
I don't know how much longer I can possibly wait</p>