Waive or Not to Waive the Right to Review eSSR for IU Application


<p>The eSSR has the following options when a student set up the e-transcript account for college application. Is there a possibility for the counselor to report the incorrect GPA/Class rank? Would a student be able to check these info on-line after he/she submits the application? Which option would you recommend? Thanks</p>


<p>Many colleges require a Secondary School Report (SSR) to be completed by the guidance counselor (or other school administrator) and attached to your transcript. Some of these colleges use an electronic "eSSR" form supplied by Docufide which your counselor will confidentially complete and submit online. </p>

<p>Guidance counselors preparing the eSSR and college admissions officers reviewing it need to know whether you have waived your right to review the eSSR (should you be accepted and attend a college that received it). Waiving this right allows the form to be shared in confidence between the high school and college. </p>

<p>1) I will not seek access to this confidential recommendation submitted on my behalf for the purpose of admission and counseling.<br>
2) I choose not to waive these rights.</p>

<p>If you do not waive it, it may not have as much weight because your counselor would know you did not waive your right, s/he would be more inclined to write something nice about you (whether you are a good student person or not) since you will see it. Colleges will know this too, so they might disregard it. I would not worry about accuracy of rank/gpa, I would find it highly improbable that it would get screwed up. I say waive your right to, which is what I did.</p>

<p>Just call the admissions office a couple of weeks after the guidance counselor sends it, and IU will tell you over the phone all the basic numbers -- gpa, rank, SAT/ACT-- they have recorded in your students online file. They can do it over the phone in a minute or two. It's not a bad idea to call anyway to make sure they got everything.</p>

<p>toffa813 & bthomp1,</p>

<p>Sounds reasonable. Will just do that.</p>