Waive SAT?


Since I live in Iran I can waive my SAT, is it good to waive it if I score low? or simply send them the score and explain the reason for my low scores in the essay?


I mean admission essay not SAT essay

@mer377 I’m confused. How do you score “low” on admissions essays? You should complete all parts of the online application.

You do not have to take the essay portion of the SAT or ACT, but be advised that you will need to have good writing ability to simply get through the general requirements (GIRs) at MIT.

@MITer94 I mean Should I explain the low score of the SAT in my admission essay if I send the score
or waiving the SAT and not sending the score?

@mer377 if you do not send your SAT score, you will still need to take the required standardized tests (SAT, ACT, or TOEFL, plus a math and science subject test). You may want to consider taking the TOEFL if you aren’t satisfied with your reading/writing score.

I wouldn’t try explaining low scores on an admission essay - it may come across as “making excuses,” and your essays should focus more on your academic and personal strengths.

Agreed, MIT will waive the SAT1 for non-native-English speakers who can substitute the TOEFL, but beyond that, there is not much waiving of tests possible. These tests are the only thing that every applicant from around the world takes. Whether you are applying from Iran, the Faroe Islands, of the Federated States of Micronesia, you will have taken the same standardised tests. I have never seen them waived.

@Mikalye thanks

I take back what I said earlier in that I missed that the OP was in Iran. If you live in one of the countries for which the US has comprehensive sanctions then the US policies apply. The College Board notes that "As a United States-based corporation, the College Board, along with our representatives overseas, is subject to U.S. economic sanctions, laws, and regulations. We are therefore prohibited from providing testing services to or accepting registrations from persons in certain countries "

I do not think that Iran counts, but I am not sure, following the big deal done between the US and Iran last year which normalised certain relations. But certainly if you were applying from Syria or Sudan, then it would not be possible to take the SAT in that country, and it would have to be waived. I genuinely have no idea what would happen in that case.

@Mikalye Well traveling to another country all by myself is not really easy, beside that it costs a lot for me. Just it depends on the score that I will get
thanks for the help