Wake Forest Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Hi, someone already said this, but it is usually by email first, then actual postal mail. Last year, you got an email at ~8 PM on Fridays and got the postal mail on the subsequent Mondays. Hopefully, people who applied in early August will hear back this Friday!

Thank you for the info!

Does anyone know if Wake always posts decisions on Fridays? Or could it be another day of the week? Thanks!

It seems that way but I am not sure.

I’m hoping some of us who applied in early August hear back tonight

I hope you do too! I applied in early September.

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Anyone hear back?? Nothing for me and I applied 9/8. Good Luck!

nope – I applied 08/17

Is it always exactly at 8?

Me neither - I applied 8/31

Nothing tonight D applied mid august

Nothing tonight for us either; daughter applied 8/31 and completed interview the following Monday

Did anyone hear back on Friday?


Nope! Hoping for this Friday!

Have you heard back yet?

No…hoping tomorrow!

Wow, I applied early September as well. Best of luck!!

Thanks so much! You too!

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I noticed that the status portal now has an WFU ID. It didn’t have this previously. D applied 8/16 and interviewed 8/23. Anxiously waiting.

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