Wake Forest ED 2025

Hi! Has anyone heard their decision for Wake Forest ED? I know that there might be a delay due to COVID so I was wondering what is waiting period is under these circumstances?

Applied mid-June and nothing yet from me seems like based on last year I probably have about a week or 2 but with Covid I guess we don’t know for sure.

How have you guys applied already? Do they not need senior grades?

Has anyone noticed that one of the questions on the Wake app is different on the CA compared to the application on Wake’s website? The question on Wake’s website asks for a work of fiction that interests you and that same question on the CA just says “a book” which I assume could mean fiction or non-fiction. D wrote her essay about a non-fiction book because she saw the question on the Wake website but we’d prefer that she apply through the CA.

They don’t need senior grades for ED. No school does. ED is decided before the end of first semester of senior year. You could be deferred in ED and, in that case, they would likely want to see first semester grades.

@homerdog, the questions on Wake’s application are a little different from their Common App supplement…don’t know why. We noticed the difference when DD applied three years ago, so DS waited until the CA was live to apply there.

D wanted to write some essays this summer so write the Wake ones on their app because they came out in June. I guess she will just apply through the Wake app. Just need to make sure our guidance counselor can deal with it. All of S19’s apps were through CA but I’m sure our high school must deal with school specific apps all of the time. It’s a bummer because it’s just one word different but she really likes her essay and doesn’t want to change it!

Hi! I applied ED on July 15th and my school just sent everything in about a week ago. I have not heard anything yet but I am hoping to hear a decision by the end of the month. When I had my interview in May, my interviewer mentioned that there might be a delay due COVID. I am thinking after freshman move in and everything, they will be sending out decisions.

Hi! I applied in mid-June. The only updated thing is the Wake Forest ID. I called the admissions office to check in and they said they are reviewing my application about a week ago.

@maggiebFL when you called admissions did they give you a time frame as to how long it would take to hear back?

Those of you applying ED, did you get a chance to visit?

@homerdog I visited by freshman year with my older sister who was a prospective student at the time. I think Wake announced that they are doing visits for people who have interviewed or submitted an application starting in September. Personally, I think it is good to see the campus before applying ED.

Yes of course. That’s why I was asking. Lots of college visits were cancelled in the spring. We had planned to see Wake then. Not sure it would be worth the flight to go this fall since campus will be so odd with the virus so our D has to pass on ED.

Is there anyone in this thread that has heard back? I called last week and they told me no delay due to COVID…it will be the normal amount of time. The woman who answered said specifically that it is usually 6-8 weeks time. We are at 7 weeks now!!

@fifsoflove through all the threads I have seen no one who has heard back yet! I was looking at last years ED thread and people were hearing back in 3-6 weeks. Most people from last years thread who applied in June already heard by July so I don’t why no one has heard for this year.

May we all make a pact to post if/when we hear? I agree @eSDCA20 it is a little odd we all have not heard.

I know it’s hard to wait but I think this year can’t be compared to previous years. The pandemic effects everything and time lines will be harder to predict. But I know the anxiety is real. I hope you all receive positive news soon.

@fifsoflove May I ask if you are 7 weeks from submission or everything turned in? I think I’m in a similar time frame as you, and as soon as I hear anything I will let you know I’m on a 3-week streak of hearing back from colleges on Wednesdays for some reason so really hoping wake comes through this wednesday because I am beween the 6-8 week threshold at the moment of this post.

Hi! I’m a Freshman at Wake this year and applied ED in the fall of 2019… don’t stress about long wait times for decisions, it really doesn’t mean anything! It took 8 weeks to get my decision back (came on the portal loooong before receiving the packet, and did not get an email when the portal updated so found when I checked myself) and got in! Many others it only took 3 and anything in between so do not read into decision times and save yourselves lots and lots of stress:)

Thanks for Sharing. How did you find the interview process?