Wake Forest Sorority Legacy

Hi, my 2024 DD is about to rush in a few weeks. I know they already gave her a guide with outfits and schedules regarding everything she needs for rush, but is Wake sorority recruitment as intense as other southern schools like Alabama? I was in a sorority at a northern school, and recruitment was relatively low key back then. Also, what is their policy on legacies? I was in a sorority that also has a chapter at Wake Forest, will that help her chances of getting into the same one? Thank you for all your help!

Recruitment is not considered as intense as at SEC schools, although I’m sure some might disagree. DD is a Gamma Rho Chi counselor this year, and has about 20 girls assigned to her. She has to disaffiliate from her sorority during rush and helps her charges navigate the process.

Her experience was fairly low stress, as I remember. It took a while, but she found her people. I think delaying rush until spring semester takes a lot of the pressure out of the process.

I don’t think legacy or recommendation letters mean much at all in either sorority or fraternity rush. They won’t hurt, though. DD ended up in a different sorority than that of her mother. DS is rushing this semester and hasn’t asked for any recommendation letters from me or anyone else.

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Whether your sorority give an advantage to legacies is up to the sorority, not to Wake Forest or the other houses.

The sorority I belong to dropped legacy preferences this year (at all chapters). It is very controversial and there are many hard feelings among the alums.

Don’t worry, it will all work out. Hope she has fun.

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Hi, my DD is a sophomore in a sorority. I would say no, Wake’s rush is not typical southern intensity, especially because it’s virtual this year. It was exhausting for her physically and emotionally (emotionally for me as well) but it did work out for her in the end. Try to go into it with an open mind, you may not get what you think you wanted and may get bid from one that you had not considered. Good luck!

PBP ? Others are likely taking similar actions. I just recd another “Points of Interest” email from HQ … not sure how “inequitable” courtesy invites are to early rounds. You know, life is NOT fair or equitable even for the same person, on any given day.

I was about to type exactly this. Wonder if we are sisters? :wink: Although I’ve been told by several friends that their sororities are making similar changes to their recruitment policies.

The entire process is so different from when I went through rush. Add to that the modifications for covid, and it is hard to set expectations for our kids.

ETA: @NoReason04 I guess we were typing at the same time. :smiley: Not PBP so agree it may be a trend.

It’s flat out nutty. Can’t imagine how it is today on campus, legal liability alone. I feel like we are living in the “bizzaro” Seinfeld episode where up is down and down is up. Like it or not some things ARE mutually selective (ask my husband lol) and much is not “fair”. Pretty much 1984/Brave New World time now - poor kiddos ! No common sense …