Wake Forest Top Ten List

I have some ideas for a top ten list but I don’t know if they are unique enough or if they show enough of my personality. Here are some examples: Types of Gems, Rubik’s Cubes, Pens, Dog breeds, favorite songs to play the drums to, and favorite songs from Grey’s Anatomy. HELP!!!

Duke, NC State, & UNC-Chapel Hill.

There’s no right or preferred answer here. Just write what you connect with. It’s just another way for them to see a little more about you. All of your topics are good if they can genuinely depict something about you.

I’m a recent Wake grad! I remember writing mine about my Top 10 must-haves in order to make a good film (didn’t even major in film or anything visual arts, just really liked making movies in my free time). You want to make a unique list that tells a little bit about you as a person, not just an applicant. All your themes/topics listed would likely work as long as you make it personalized and distinct! Good luck!

P.S. I would say dog breeds is a pretty popular one so admissions may find it not as unique as the others you mentioned

Thank you so much!

My daughter did the Top Ten things that annoy her…

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Do a Top 10 that shows aspects of your interests or personality. My kid did Top 10 Guilty Pleasures. Dog breeds won’t do that. Nor gems. Make a list that shows something about you as a person.