Wake Forest vs UNC Chapel Hill

<p>I am a high school senior out of Florida. Due to the fact that I am not from North Carolina I don't really get the opportunity to hear all the pros, cons, stereotypes, etc. With that being said I am particularly interested in the prestige of both schools' science departments. Which, in my eyes, this seems to raise one question: If 2 students were to graduate with the same GPA, MCAT scores, major, research, and so on (the only difference being that one is from WFU and the other is from UNC), which would be more competitive when applying to med schools?</p>

<p>*being out of state the total cost of attendance is not a factor-just interested in prestige of departments, pros and cons, sterotypes, etc.</p>

<p>I just saw this now. For medical school applications, either would be well-respected. I don’t think that you’d get any advantage going to one school over the other.</p>

<p>UNC student here. UNC is considered one of the top schools for pre-medicine in the nation. Also, you’ll have access to countless internships, studies, etc. with top-notch faculty at world-renowned UNC Hospitals. As far as stereotypes go, UNC is far more racially diverse than Wake. We are considerably more liberal, the economic makeup is more diverse as well (Wake is largely white and wealthy). Stereotypically, Wake is preppier. UNC has tons of parties, night life, etc. which you would be hard pressed to find a match for at Wake. Both programs are respected and prestigious (with a slight edge to UNC), so it really will just be a matter of personal preference. </p>