Wake Forest Waitlist 2025

i’m like pretty sure wake wants 1400 students. but i think there’s def more students on the waitlist than 500. 1200 follow the insta rn but also keep in mind like 100 of that is parents/wake accounts/older wake students. and then personally one of my friends just enrolled at wake but wants to get off the waitlist for unc so she’s not following anything wake. i would assume about 1200/1300 students are enrolled and they need 150 ish students. i’m sure plenty of enrolled wake students are also on waitlists with their “dream” schools. i i’d assume that 1,00-14000 are on the waitlist. there’s def at least 1000 like most schools wakes size.

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I 100% agree, especially since they seem to be making more calls every day. Also, I didn’t know about a new dorm opening! That’s great news. Same with the number 1400.

Every person from my school who applied to WF this year was waitlisted. Each one that I’ve talked to are choosing to commit somewhere else (they have really good other options & don’t know much about Wake) They took their names off the waitlist because they know that that there are people like us who are super passionate about going to Wake :slight_smile:

I believe we will get a better idea of what our waitlist situation looks like after May 1st.


also you can’t rlly say there’s a percent chance bc it’s different now. they care abt is major and what they need to diversify their class an engineer major could have like no shot at acceptance if all the spots are filled even if that student has 5.0 gpa and cured cancer. while maybe a bio major could be accepted with a 3.0 gpa. it’s so dif now so my advice is j to try to love if not rlly like ur school that ur enrolled it. at this point it’s so out of all our hands.

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Good point, I noticed that too about the 100 accounts. I also noticed that around 25 followers on the insta have other schools in their bios so they prob got off the waitlist there or chose other schools. Maybe that number will grow after may 1st passes and more schools go to waitlist.

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Absolutely, I know you can’t because it’s so
dependent on what they need like I said above and the numbers are obv subject to change but the takeaway I think is that we still have a chance. Totally agree with trying to love the school you deposit at too, def can’t bank on them calling

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yes!! we still have a chance!!


@NeedsToChange Your post saddens me. I am a legacy as were my 2 oldest kids. Things have certainly changed a lot in just the last few years, it’s not the same place it was. My youngest decided last night that Mother So Dear was not the place for her and will accept a spot at one of the Ivy’s. So, I have written the last check I ever intend to write to Wake Forest. Best of luck to your daughter!


I don’t think you apply into a particular major at Wake.


Thanks very much for your post. Am, of course, a bit sorry to hear your daughter went in another direction but am hopeful she has found a great school and great fit for her. I suppose change is the only constant but doesn’t mean we necessarily have to like it. I do hope, however, that the admissions process will change in ways that I think would be better for the sake of future applicants. Best of luck.

Anyone heard of anyone getting calls off the waitlist recently?

Hi! I’m also a senior in high school hoping to get off the waitlist for Wake Forest. I was also wondering if there was anyone who got a call from Wake Forest.

I havent heard anything. Since decision day was yesterday, it is likely that Wake has all 1400 spots filled as of now. However, it also means that other colleges are likely going to start accepting people off of their waitlists, which typically means causes a domino effect, as one student accepting a spot off a waitlist leaves a vacancy at their current school which will be filled by a waitlist spot… and so on. So, just because Wake acts ahead of the curve doesnt mean that there isnt hope for us who haven’t gotten a call yet. Good luck to all!

That would make sense but I’m not sure that’s true about them fully filling their class. As of right now, there’s still only 1248 followers on their insta (might not be fully accurate reflection of the true numbers but might be an indication they have more to fill)

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Maybe. Regardless, I think that it is a good thing that Wake had to start accepting off of their waitlist so early because it might mean that people are turning them down. I just got an email from Emory, which said that they dont start taking people off of their waitlist until mid to late may, which means that the domino effect probably hasn’t started yet. Overall, I think that we should still be hopeful.

Definitely agree.

There’s 908 people in the wfu 2025 facebook group and 1249 followers on the insta page. If I had to guess, I’d say there’s probs no more than 1300 people committed to wake atm. About 150 of the insta followers are either parents or wake accounts or ended up committing to another school. Then I’d also assume that maybe 200 or so aren’t following the insta or don’t have social media. I doubt that they are done asking people off their waitlist. I think they’re taking a slight break to see exactly which areas they need to fill before calling people. Also the 2024 facebook has 1.5k so feel like if they were actually full there would def be more people following the facebook.

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Agree 100%.

So I live in North Carolina and I’ve gotten phone calls having the 336 area code but for some reason I keep missing them since the sound on my iphone is broken. Also, some of the calls are not from winston salem. Does anyone know if the phone number that Wake Forest will be using will either say its from Winston Salem or it will just have the 336 area code? I’m kind of scared that they already called and I didn’t answer them.

On the waitlist information Zoom session last month, they said they would send an email as well as make the phone call. And that they would leave a voice mail for any missed calls. They reiterated that a couple of times. Not answering the phone would not result in them moving further down the list. But not returning a call after getting the voicemail and email I think they said by next day would.

Ok thank you!! I’m not the type to answer my phone calls if I don’t recognize the number but for Wake Forest’s sake, I kind of have to know.