Wake interview

<p>Hi, my son has an interview in July- any tips? We are just starting the college search, he has never been on an interview. What kind of questions do they ask? Should he bring anything? Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!</p>


<p>D has done three interviews during her college search process. She wore nice casual clothes to each one and was very comfortable, something like a pair of khakis and a polo shirt etc. is appropriate. Dresssing in a suit or anything like that would be a little overkill in my estimation. The interviews are for the student to learn about the university as much as for the university to get to know the student. They generally ask the expected questions such as "Why university x?" etc. There have been several good threads on CC about the interview so running a search would probably take you to them. Good luck to your son!!</p>

<p>Thanks, for the advice, I will pass it on to him! Such exciting times!</p>

<p>don't wear a suit or he'll be dressed better than the interviewer. since the interview is in july, i'm assuming its for early decision, so he ought to have the same person i had. fairly typical interview.</p>

<p>borntorun- did you apply early decision? My son would like to, but we are nervous about finances. I know it helps with chances. Was Wake your first choice?</p>

<p>yeah, i applied early decision.</p>

<p>It is not a rule or anything...but my son always had an Activity sheet and his stats prepared--no more than one or two sheets with very skeletal data. Don't neglect getting his/her business card for your follow up thank you and contacts.<br>
The kind of thing that attaches to the Common Application as your Activity summary will do. Just the GPA and most recent test scores and date you will retake exams if that applies. Don't list honors that aren't significant. Forecast an area of study at their college if possible. No one will sue if you change your mind. The trick is to be Somebody distinguishable from others.
Interviewers can have a negative impact on your application and can get off on topics that are unexpected or peripheral to what you want to learn about. Make the most of the interview regardless and present yourself in simple clear terms..if you expect them to write an essay about you, give them your Activity sheet outline (keeping it simple and without too much fluff.) Have a couple sound bites ready to summarize why you are a fit for each school.
Most often asked non-kosher question: Which colleges are you applying to and where is my alma mater on your priority list. I know it is rude, but have an answer prepared because it is commonly asked. Don't expect a glowing reference if your take on the interviewer's alma mater is neutral or low priority.
I say avoid tennis shoes at least...wear leather shoes and wear low key office appropriate garb if you meet in an office. Keep exposed skin down to the minimum. This is an interview not a tea party. Ask questions! Show that you went online at least and got in depth data about a potential major etc. Read the college newspaper faithfully before your appointment. Casual Saturdays at the Coffee shop are more casual for clothes, but still should be fairly conservative.<br>
best wishes in your search!</p>