Wake - just one teacher rec? Ugh!

We didn’t read Wake’s app carefully and they only take one teacher rec. None of D21’s schools only take one - they all take two or more. Our GC was on the ball and sent transcripts and recs weeks ago and sent the first rec that was submitted. We really want that second rec to be seen by Wake though. It’s from a teacher who D has had for three years plus outside of school in her most important EC. Our GC has offered to send it via mail.

Has anyone out there who has applied to Wake sent two recs? If D sends this one, should she send a very quick email to the AO who interviewed her and let him know that this rec is in the mail?

Anyone think that we just should not send it at all? Gosh, it will be a big miss.

Could you have the GC contact Wake, say the first was submitted in error, and ask if it’s possible to substitute the second?

I can. I’m sure she’ll do whatever we ask. The first one was sent electronically and it’s already in her file. Seems like it would be a giant pain for Wake to delete it and then have GC send another one. I’m not sure I like the wording “submitted in error” because it makes it sound like it’s not a good rec though. I feel like I need to find out if Wake will read the second rec if it’s sent - if it will make it into her file.

Hi! I think it might be a pain to have Wake delete it and then send in another one (but would be an option). I also think they have steered away from sending things in by mail due to COVID. I was recently accepted ED and I received my acceptance through my online portal instead of mail (in the past, all acceptance came by mail). Therefore, I would keep that factor in mind. I was also a little caught off guard when I saw that they only required one LOR. Hope you can figure it out!

Thanks. I guess my GC could email the letter instead. I’ll see if Wake’s admissions office responds to D’s email. I had her send one out looking for advice. I’m still so surprised they only take one teacher rec. They have so many essays and the interview too so I just assumed they’d also take at least two recs.

When I applied my school counselor mailed the second recommendation letter (along with some articles I had written in a local newspaper) via USPS. The counselor said they received them and looked at them.

I would have your daughter speak to the AO. The staff at Wake are very thoughtful and helpful. They will steer her appropriately. Very accommodating people.

Thanks. D called and then will indeed look at the second rec. They said to have the GC just email it and they’ll put it in her file. They were very nice about it!