Wake Tech to ECU in one year??

<p>Right now I'm a junior in highschool, I will be a senior this year and we will be applying for colleges second semester of my senior year. I plan on going to East Carolina University. But first I'm going to attend Wake Tech Community College. I really don't want to stay there for two years and graduate with a Associates Degree in AA, AS or AFA. I was hoping to get enough credits in one year their, where I can start ECU as a sophomore. At wake tech it says the maximum courseload I can have is 20 credit hours per term. But I can have more if granted permission from the Dean. At ECU it says I can transfer with 30 transferable credit hours or more and the requirements are:</p>

<p>•Admission’s application
•Application Fee of $60
•Official Transcript of all colleges attended
•GPA of 2.5 of Transferable credit hours
•Completion of the minimum course requirements in high school or have complete 6 credit hours in each in English, Mathematics, science, Social Science and Foreign Language at the community college level.
•High School Transcript unless 24yrs old or older</p>

<p>so is it possible for me to have more than 30 credit hours during one year at wake tech?
and how many classes/and or credits would I need per term?</p>

<p>Edit: I have the minimum course requirements in highschool, I have 3 maths and one advanced math, I have 4 sciences, 3 social studies, and I'm taking my 4th english my senior year and I already have 2 foreign languages. I'm also taking extra course classes my senior year and one AP</p>