Walk-On Process Track and Field

Looking for info on trying to walk on a track team vs. being recruited.

My child is a good runner, jumper. Her coaches have suggested that she’s be a good multi-event participant. Her school is small and this year is her first year competing with a serious track coach. (She qualified for states in triple jump her freshman year by watching YouTube videos) She is very motivated to be a student athlete and def has the right mentality. Solid academics. 4.0 unweighted GPA, decent ACT 27 -retaking soon and plenty of EC’s and a 4 year internship during High school.
I don’t see her as being a recruited runner per se…but her coaches have told her that heptathletes are often chosen for potential and then trained more in college so I really don’t know.
Wondering how the process of becoming a walk on works? And if her academics plays a role in recruiting or walk on?

We are in the southeast and she’d consider schools in NC, VA, SC, GA, TN, FL.

Thanks so much for any help! We clearly have no clue what we are doing. :wink:

I don’t think there is anything wrong with going the ‘recruited’ route and then if it doesn’t work trying to be a walk on.

Look at the type of school she’d like - big D1 or a smaller D2 or D3 school. A girl from our high school was recruited as a pole vaulter at FSU, so having a more unique event may be a good way to get noticed. She got a scholarship, but I’m sure it was very small as track and field scholarships are divided among MANY athletes.

Academics definitely play role. Coaches want good athletes but the want good students too. They don’t want to put time into students who won’t be eligible because of academics or who can’t miss class time for meets. They also want their students to get academic scholarships to supplement the athletic ones.

Walk ons differ from school to school. Some coaches have open try outs, some allow everyone on to the team, some don’t have them at all.