Walk On?

<p>hello. im new to this forum, and i have a few questions. what are my chances of being put on a college football team as a walk on? my stats are 5'11'' and I'm 190 lbs, I can bench about 160 lbs or so, and my squat is roughly 180 lbs. Also where should my stats be at? My position is wide receiver. And the college/universities I am thinking about going to are Miami University (Ohio), Kent State, and a few others that I still need to check out. Thanks.</p>

<p>p.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.</p>

<p>Whats your 40 time?</p>

<p>Oof. we need to see your playing abilities. Because when I was 105 pounds i could benchpress as much as you. Your lifting stats doesnt show that you are in top fit for a walk on spot.</p>

<p>If you're WR Bench and squat aren't as important as 40, as well as your quickness and vertical.</p>

<p>well i was just asking, cause im gonna lift intensely over the winter and into the spring/summer. i run a 40 in 5.75 seconds. i am a good receiver, i hardly ever drop a ball. i am 20/22 receiving so far this year (the ones i missed were batted away) and my receptions/total attempted are low because my school mainly relies on the running game, and they only throw the ball a few times every game.</p>

<p>Edit: i havent tested my vertical in a while, so i'll do that soon and then post the result.</p>

<p>Your bench and squat is weak I'm 5'9'' and can bench 220 and squat 335. I only play tennis not nearly as demanding as a sport as yours physically. I know a ton of guys who would kill your #'s in the weight room. What kind of program do they ave at your school for little girls. I also know a girl on the basketball team who's around 5'7'' and benches 250.</p>

<p>Sorry for ragging on you but you really need to hit the weight room more often. I'm just use to higher #'s but at my school we have won the 4A division football state championship 4 times in a row, baseball 3 times in a row, and last year me and my team went to semi-finals in state playoofss of tennis.</p>

<p>well, my coaches say im in decent shape as far as muscle is concerned, but they said that if i busted my butt during the off season i'd have a decent chance at being a walk-on. but i was just wondering how much i need to improve and what i need to improve at.</p>

<p>edit: they just tell me that i need to have more stamina, and stuff like that but i was just curious about what all i needed to improve at.</p>