Wall Street From Cornell?????

<p>I am going to major in econ at Cornell, what are the opportunities to work on Wall Street from here..do a lot of econ majors get jobs on Wall Street for finance/investment banking??</p>

<p>I am trying to decide between Cornell and NYU Stern.
I like Cornell and think that it offers a better college experience than NYU Stern, but if I am not going to get a decent job after Cornell, then it is not worth it..</p>


<p>cornell has a huge and tight alum network, and the name on your degree will help you out bigtime, no matter what profession you're in. I don't think cornell grads who want work have too much trouble finding it. I don't know anything bout NYU though</p>

<p>i think u could definitely get a decent job after Cornell, but if Wall Street is wat ur specifically after, NYU might be the better choice. You could try to intern there while attending Stern as well, which would help you in the future.</p>