Walnut Hill admissions?

Can anyone tell me about admissions at Walnut Hill School? I am interested in applying
there for music (cello), but I hear conflicts reports about the admissions office. I would be a commuter and would need financial aid. Two of my friends say that Walnut Hill has a reputation for going after full-pay day students only, that money makes a big difference in unless you are a prodigy...any feedback would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Perhaps a better place to start would be the school website. Here is the info on financial aid:</p>

<p>[Arts</a> High School | Tuition | Financial Aid | Loans](<a href=“http://walnuthillarts.org/admission/apply/tuition-financial-aid/]Arts”>http://walnuthillarts.org/admission/apply/tuition-financial-aid/)</p>

<p>No, they accept a variety of students-- those on FA and boarders as well as day and full pay. But it is NOT a rich school, to be sure. Nonetheless, if you have talent they are very good at trying their best to find the resources to let you study there. </p>

<p>Being a prodigy is not necessary by any means. </p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>Hi! I am a music student at Walnut Hill and I can tell you that financial aid is given to students who are in needs and because of their potential. I am not a prodigy and I got a substantial scholarship. Have you applied yet or are you still thinking of applying? </p>

<p>Please please let me know, we need music students :)</p>

<p>Like most parents here, I will remind you that anecdote does not equal data, and every case is different – the only way you will know if you will be admitted <em>and</em> be offered aid is to try. The rest is speculation. </p>

<p>That said, I am not sure what it means to “go after” FP kids, but WN does not claim to meet full need. We know two separate families whose kids were accepted at WH (one two years ago and one in the current cycle). Both have significant financial need - the families make much less than us and we are receiving about 3/4 aid from the school where my son will attend this fall. </p>

<p>At WN, neither family received any aid offer. At all. The older child is there, will be a junior this year. His parents SOLD their house to help finance it (I’m not kidding). And they have two younger sibs coming up. Not sure what plans are there. My son’s friend who was admitted this year will not go. Her folks can’t make it happen. </p>

<p>The reason we were in this info loop is because my son looked at the school (as he is a theater kid), but decided not to apply because he didn’t want to board and we are too far to commute. It also wasn’t rly a great fit for him, but we didn’t really get to point of weighing other pros/cons. </p>

<p>Visit the school! If you love it, apply! You NEVER know. But just know which schools have a budget and which don’t. </p>

<p>I applied late to Walnut Hill this year for creative writing and was waitlisted. The writing program is by far the smallest–fewer than 15 kids–so I thought that might give me a leg up. I don’t know if I would’ve had a different outcome had I applied in February. </p>

<p>It is a really great school for artists. Everyone was happy to be there, and the writing group–I sat in on a class–was full of kids with different interests. Nothing bad can come out of applying and going for it!</p>