Wanna make friends? Try these ideas

Hello everyone! After this first semester of college, I can easily tell making friends was difficult. It’s already hard as a transfer student, and corona really did not help at all. However, I felt like I managed, and made a ton of friends, very meaningful ones too. Here are some things that I did to make them. I’m going to skip the ones you guys already know about, like “JOIN CLUBS”

  1. College Subreddit:
    Most colleges have a subreddit. Just straight up posting “Hey, I need friends” will guarantee at least one person who is feeling the same way as you. Just be completely honest and people will do the same for you. I recommend also adding a Bio and some classes you are taking when you make the post

  2. Major Discord
    I started a discord based around my major and made a bunch of channels based upon what classes that major had. Afterwords, I started promoting it super hard in the comment section of all my classes pertaining to the major. Now, we have well over a thousand people on the discord. I will be transparent, only like twenty people are active on it, while another two hundred pop on whenever there is an assignment going around. However, that is still good. Since we are all on winter break right now, I recommend starting up the server so that it’s ready to go when classes start up again.

  3. Class Chat
    This last one may seem a little cringy, like the first one, but honestly people are not going to care at all. I recommend dropping some social media in your zoom class and saying something like “add me so that we can work on class together” Worst comes to worst, people will think it is funny. However, I would say that this was the most effective way I made friends, no cap. Most people who see that will add you and start a conversation, because it just seems wild that someone would do that. I made the most friends this way, more than my discord channel.

The last things I want to say is that I would say over half of new students are unsatisfied with their social life right now and could use some friends. Be there for them. The second thing I want to say is that it is better to have a few good friends rather than a lot of meh friends. Use my idea to make those good friends, not just a lot of friends. Lastly, be there for you friends, don’t just use them because you are lonely. If they need help with class, be there for them, and they will be there for you when you need them. If you can (and safely), ask them if they would like to meet up in person so that you all can hang out.

That’s all from me folks, good luck on next semester!

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These are great ideas. I have linked your thread in the pinned post about making friends and meeting people.