Wanna make friends

<p>I am a chinese boy :), just arrived in Duke last week. I have been studying Biotechnology for 4 years in Netherlands and specialze in cellular and molecular science. Everything is nice here, but I feel bit lonely because I do not have any friends in Duke. It would be really really great if you want to know and make a friend with me :)</p>

<p>i hear the lacrosse parties there are excellent!, you should go to one to begin socializing ; )</p>

<p>^ Duke sucks for how they treated their lax players.</p>

<p>Mildly creepy...</p>

<p>find a study group, volunteer, do an intermural sport, etc...its called talking to people...</p>

<p>what did you do in the netherlands to make friends</p>

<p>lol, human chemistry, something you can't learn from boks</p>

<p>alright, buddy, these are the things you'll want to do to make some friends. The key is, you can sit here and read all you want, but unless you put yourself out and there and ACTUALLY do it, you'll still be stuck in the same situation.</p>

<p>1) Everyday, make it a habit to talk to at least 5 new people, whether you're in class, walking on the street, or in the cafeteria. Pretty much anywhere you can meet someone new, so use this to your advantage. Oftentimes, all you have to do is smile or just say "hi" in a friendly manner, and the other person will open up. You all talk for a few minutes, and bam! new friend, right there. </p>

<p>2) Try not to prejudge anyone. I know, I know, it's human nature to want to lump everyone into categories 5 minutes after you meet them; it's easier to deal with them that way, right? "She's quiet", "he's a nerd", etc.. Well forget that. When meeting people, give them a good two or three separate meetings before you make any sort of judgments on their personality. Just be as friendly as possible, and try to find things in common between you two. If you TRY to find things and common, you usually will, because at some level, no matter how different two people are, we're all living in the same world.</p>

<p>Even if you're a punk rocker type, and you meet a preppy high school cheerleader, and you're wondering what you could possibly have in common, just remember that: a) you both go to the same college, b) you're both the same age, and c) you're both looking to expand your social life (meet new people). That will come across in your actions.</p>

<p>3) Just be yourself. I don't mean in the cliche "how can I be popular in high school" sort of way. I mean, just don't change yourself for others, or to make friends. Literally, all the same stuff you used to do, things you enjoyed doing (be it the math club or varsity soccer), DO those things. If you stay true to yourself and are confident about it, others will notice your confidence and want to befriend you. Self-confidence (but not arrogance) is one of the best traits you can have in terms of making new friends.</p>

<p>4) A little humor is always good. don't be afraid to crack a joke here and there.</p>

<p>5) Facebook is great as well. The reason I mentioned this is because I know a lot of international students, especially from China and India, and for some reason, a lot of them seem to turn their nose up at the thought of a social networking site. Well, don't do that. If you don't have one already, GET ONE, and use it to your advantage.</p>

<p>I know a lot of college freshmen who used facebook to meet incoming students the summer before college started so they would have friends when they got there. And they did. That was extremely smart. It's quick and easy to make a profile: just add a great pic of you, a little info, and join your school's network. Whenever you meet a cool person, or make a contact on campus, ask them if they have facebook. Unless they are a total recluse, or are trying to make a statement, 9 times out of 10 they will say yes, and tell them you'll add them on it.</p>

<p>Facebook is a GREAT way to make friends and find out about events that are going on for the weekend, among other things. Use it.</p>

<p>Hopefully I helped you.</p>

<p>I'd date a really hot white girl.</p>

<p>lol. I never knew it was hard to make friends. Just for starters, aren't there other students working in the same lab? Then expand outward if you are a little shy. After a while, you have to make yourself push the boundaries, if not, you'll miss out on the social life of a campus. Social life doesn't mean partying till you're drunk. It means meeting and interacting and making life long friends possibly. =)</p>

<p>lol i guess no one's interested in making friends directly. kinda funny how everybody offers advice to make other people your friends instead. lol.</p>

<p>Since you are resorting to befriending strangers on a website, it seems like you do not have any social skills.</p>

<p>I recommend getting some before attempting to make friends. ;)</p>

<p>tempus is right... you'll never have a good social life if you dont learn the proper social SKILLS.</p>

<p>Lamenting about your sucky social life on an internet forum is doing exactly the opposite of what needs to be done. This is why nobody is taking the time and effort to e-befriend the original poster. It's lame, and avoids the problem: his or her subpar social skills which that have them in their current situation.</p>