Want to break into I-Banking current sophomore

What’s up guys I’m a current sophomore at UCONN wanting to break into Investment banking. I’m in the honors finance program with a GPA of 3.5, looking to get that up to a 3.7. I’m currently working at a marketing company and secured an internship in NYC for a marketing firm for the summer. I have won a case competition sponsored by KPMG and will be participating in the regional stage. I am also in a few business clubs looking to get a few leaderships positions when I’m a junior. I’m gonna be applying to leadership conferences to bulk up my resume. Over the summer im gonna try to visit a few banks hopefully get someone to push my resume to HR. It would be great if you guys can help out in what I should be doing to best position myself for an IB internship for my junior year. I realize that I come from a non-target and that diminishes my chances by a lot. Getting into a bulge bracket is not so much of a concern, I would be fine working at a boutique or a small bank. Your input is appreciated!

Well transferring isn’t out of the question. Network a lot.

Wallstreetoasis has a lot of this stuff.

I don’t think you’ll get into MBB/BB coming from uconn. I agree that wallstreetoasis is a very good resource for this, not college confidential