Want to Bring Your Dog (or Cat) to College? UNM to Allow Pets in (Some) Dorms

Starting fall 2019, students will be allowed to have their dog or cat live with them in the dorm. Santa Clara Hall (traditional dorm w/double and singles) and Student Residence Apartments will permit a limited number of students to have their pet live with them in the dorm.

Pets must meet age, weight and breed restrictions, must be housebroken, fully immunized, licensed, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered. Pets that are aggressive or disruptive (i.e. incessant barking) will be removed from the program.

Pet-owners pay an additional fee plus and are financially responsible for any damage/cleaning due to the pet.
Pets are not allowed outside of their owner room except on a leash (yes, including cats) or in a closed cage.