Want to Transfer to MSU

<p>I was wondering if anyone can help me.
I am a transfer student at Eastern Michigan right now. Im aware that the average G.P.A for transfer students at Michigan State University is a 3.0. </p>

<p>I went to Saginaw Valley State University my first year and got a 2.5 not my best at all. Over the spring and summer I took algebra where I recieved a B (3.0).
I then transferred to Eastern to be closer home, I am halfway through my 2nd year where I hope to end with a 3.0. After this fall semester I plan to apply MSU so I can recieve a decision around April sometime.
I also considered to strengthen my application with some letters of recommedation. </p>

<p>Although I have taken rigorous courses my GPA is still questionable, with this I am wondering how my chances are with acceptance into MSU??</p>