Want to transfer to NCF but don't know what I want to major in?

I am a first year student at another liberal arts college and I’m interested in transferring to New College. Would this be a risky choice if I don’t know what I want to concentrate in/write my thesis about? would I have to start over as a first year student if I don’t know what I want to study?

Nope! You might have to take an extra semester, but if you communicate with the department heads, your advisor, and stick your own academic goals, you should graduate on time depending on your major/ area of concentratio (AOC). Fun fact: You can also create your own AOC, as long as you have your professors, advior, and again the head of departments help guide you. During the month of January, we have an Independent Study Period. These help you build what you will, or will not, be interested in studying for your Thesis Project (all of the past projects done by alumni are located in the library for inspiration) which will be guided and judged by 3 professors in your AOC and your advisor. The ISP’s will also be paired with any potential internships you may have over the summers. You should have some idea of what you’re interested in by the time you come to thesising.