Want to Transfer to syracuse university need help

<p>I want to transfer to Syracuse university.
Right now I got to Johnson and Wales University in Providence RI.
My GPA is 2.97 (not that great i know but they arn't that selective there for transfer students I hear) and by the time i apply i could rise it to 3.27 because we follow trimesters hear but that would be the end of November which is the dead line to apply so it would be close.
I will be a sophomore next year.
I want to apply to transfer there but i am not sure if I should apply for spring semester of my sophomore year or get my gpa up to around 3.45 and apply for fall of junior year.
60 hours of volunteer service
men intramural basketball
Major: Business Marketing
I will also be doing more volunteer work and joining groups</p>

<p>So do you think i should apply now for spring or wait and apply for junior year?</p>