Wanting to create new branch of engineering, Hook?

<p>I want to create a new branch of engineering, I’m not going to elaborate partly out of apathy and partly so no one copies me if it turns out to be a legit idea [-X. It’s basically a combination of several disciplines for an artistic/functional goal. What do you think? ACT 34 GPA: 3.991 (UW) 11 AP classes</p>

<p>Thank You!!</p>

<p>Just to be clear: When someone has a “hook,” they offer something that meets an institutional priority. Brown administration says it wants to increase the number of first generation college students, so first gen is a hook. </p>

<p>Having an idea for a new branch of engineering isn’t a hook. It isn’t a tip. It might make for an interesting essay. Students at Brown have been combining several disciplines for interesting and creative independent concentrations since 1969. There’s a good chance that your idea has already been proposed and done. It would be a lot more impressive if you’ve actually done something with this idea already - a science project, an independent study, a summer camp class – than just having an idea. Having ideas is great, but doing something is more important.</p>

<p>i literally cant do anything yet with my idea yet, its too advanced technology wise, its a precursor to terraforming</p>

<p>Then it’s just that - an idea. Focus on other things to get into college, not a “hook.”</p>