Warm Winter Boots?

<p>Okay, anyone have any suggestions on good && warm winter boots? I don't like UGGs or the copy-cat UGGs. I want some that are still pretty warm and preferably look somewhat cute. I don't really have any because I wore heels all throughout HS but I figure walking around campus in the lovely Indiana winters... I might need some warm boots. </p>


<p>You could try some Doc Martens. The higher boots are stylish, and although they're quite expensive, they're extremely comfortable and last for years.</p>

<p>Bean</a> Boots: Men's Footwear at L.L.Bean.</p>

<p>Bean boots
they last forever and are super comfortable.
The ones with the sherling lining are the best</p>

<p>the right girl is some nice fuzzy UGGs is a plus in my book.
just throwing that out there.</p>

<p>get those foot covers for the bottom of the shoe. honestly i own lots of boots but i have two pairs of uggs and its all i really use when the feet of snow hit. i have a pair of "fashion" uggs and one pair of heavy duty ugg work boots. the work boots aren't pretty looking but i can't tell you how many times i've needed them with some of the weather that hits</p>

<p>Thanks for the input so far... Do any of you have advice with UGG boots other than the furry ones that get all the attention? I saw the Snowpeak boot and it does not seem to be terribly awful. I really will not buy the furry boots tho, I just dont like them for the appearance and other stuff, and taking care of them would be such a pain...
Any more suggestions</p>

<p>Definitely don't go for Uggs if you're thinking good in snow-I wear them more in late fall/early spring, but they don't react well to snow anyways. Stay away from them (sounds as if you are already though). </p>

<p>I second the bean boots. Where I live we get tons of snow, rain, sleet, all sorts of nasty weather, and these are great. Even the most stylish girls in my area break theirs out in the worst weather. They're excellent.</p>

<p>I have these, they're my favorite boots: Home</a> Page</p>

<p>Very comfortable.</p>

<p>Sorel</a> | Womens Suede Snow Sneakers, Waterproof Boots & Winter Boots</p>

<p>My daughter goes to Cornell. I bought her a pair the first winter. She thought they were ugly, but she won't do without them now. Uggs do nothing in the snow. Most of them are not water proof and they slip and slide. When the weather is a bit nicer, she wears other water proof fashion boots, but otherwise it's Sorel.</p>

<p>^^the fashion uggs are bad in snow. ugg has a totally separate line of work boots that are designed for the snow. you don't have to get the uggs im just saying it's an option if you look in the right place</p>

<p>My x-gf had a few pairs of the high top uggs with the fuzzies around the top. If the girl has nice legs uggs can really add something. Not to mention (at least from what I know) a certain sense of promiscuity that it gives off.<br>
Like I said you can't go wrong with some nice UGGs. Even in the worst snowstorm.</p>

<p>well BMWdude, my boyfriend hates UGG boots.. and when im lookin to show off my legs I prefer to do it w/ some nice stilettos and a mini skirt, so I've got the sense of promiscuity covered, I just want some good warm snow boots... Ha, thanks tho.</p>

<p>&&Platsburgh, do those boots hold up through the snow and such?
&& Banana Sandwich, some of those look promising perhaps. Thanks</p>

<p>Plattsburgh, are those really that comfortable? I have a pair of steve maddens (not that exact pair, but very similar) and I live on the gulf coast (I don't really live in maryland) and one winter I wore them out and my feet were so cold in them! It was as if I was just walking around barefoot in the winter. They're almost exactly the same, except the tops don't fold over - although I can't find them online.</p>

<p>to the OP: if you were to check out some of the more functional UGGs, these might be a good pick:</p>

<p>Snowpeak</a> Boot by UGG® ? Women?s Tall Sheepskin Boots ? Quilted Nylon and Full Grain Leather Waterproof Boots ? Genuine Sheepskin Boots ? UGG® Australia</p>

<p>Timbs timbs timbs</p>

<p>Swell</a> Tall Nubuck Boots</p>

<p>would these stand up to the snow?
they're oiled nubuck leather, whatever that means</p>

<p>The best boots for snow, believe it or not, are regular rubber rain boots. Get them a bit big so you can wear two pairs of socks, and you will be toasty. You would not be standing outside for hours in them, so they really don't need to be very warm. Rubber will keep you dry, and they are really good for slush as well as snow. Anything leather could be ruined when they get wet. Truly they are the best, and they are what everyone wears, at least in NYC, I must say I don't know about Indiana, but I bet it's the same there.</p>

<p>I second Franglish on the rubber rain boots. D got some fur lined ones made by emu, around $50. Also had Uggs, but for snow, the emu's were great and very warm.</p>

<p>really? cause i have jcrew rubber rainboots. unfortuntely not the cute critter ones with furry lining cause they were out of stock :( but i have thick fuzzy socks i can wear inside them....the thing is i'm going to ithaca where its supposed to snow a lot and i'm not sure if they'll be good enough or not.</p>

<p>Merrell Spire Peak Waterproof</p>

<p>D goes to school in NYC. Didn't own winter boots. I waited until she stepped off the curb into ice cold slushy water. Then she was ready to get something more functional, e.g., warm, waterproof, good on ice. Chose the Merrell's. They're leather but waterproof. Loves them.</p>

<p>Take a look at Merrell's at onlineshoes.c**.</p>