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<p>A friendly reminder from ACT about discussing the ACT test …</p>

<p>When you take the ACT test, you agree to keep the test questions and answers confidential. If you violate your agreement, your scores may be cancelled, and ACT may tell the colleges and universities that you send score reports to why your score has been cancelled.</p>

<p>General discussion about your testing experience is allowed by ACT, but discussing specific questions and answers, even indirectly, is not permitted. You should consider the following examples before posting.</p>


<li>Talking about specific exam questions and answers is not allowed. For example, you may not post questions, parts of questions, or summaries of questions. You also may not ask the group how they answered a specific question or post what you think is the right answer to a specific question.</li>
<li>Posting links or otherwise directing people to other websites, such as Google Docs or chat forums, to talk about specific test content is also not allowed.</li>


<li>A general discussion of topics that are on the test.</li>
<li>Comments on how well your preparation prepared you for the test.</li>
<li>Comments on how well you think you did on the exam.</li>
<li>Comments on how hard the test was.</li>

<p>If you are a test preparation provider, please be aware that it is unlawful for you to induce individuals to violate their agreement with ACT by requesting that they disclose confidential test content to you.</p>

<p>College Confidential’s Terms of Use also prohibit you from posting copyrighted material or linking to outside discussion forums.</p>

Bumping this so that everyone sees it. The ACT WILL monitoring these boards!