Warning Math 2B Students

<p>If you're taking Math 2B with Edriss Titi, SWITCH CLASSES NOW! I took him in the fall and let me tell you, this guy is horrible. He has over a 50% fail rate.</p>

<p>But let me tell you an even more interesting story in how in screwed all 2B students from winter quarter forward last year.</p>

<p>During the final, HIS OWN FINAL, guess what? He was nearly an hour late. We were not allowed to start until he showed up, and we were not allowed extra time (another teacher reserved the classroom, and most of us had another final immediately after). So what does he do? He removes 2 questions from his final (Of which there were 8). INEXCUSABLE and a pathetic attempt to make us feel better. Because of this, UCI now has a "common final" in which all 2B take the same final, same time, same place. Don't like it? Blame Titi.</p>

<p>Also, he can't add at all (Ironic right?). For both midterms, he failed me, simply because he didn't add the score correctly. I had to go up to him twice to get it sorted out.</p>

<p>Amazingly, his incorrect adding worked to my advantage for the final in which I got an A having only completed 3/6 questions. I managed a B in his class, but mostly everyone else I knew had to retake it.</p>

<p>If you're stuck with him... Nothing will save you now. Sorry.</p>

<p>Wow, someone's bitter but I don't blame you one bit!!! My friend's friend had him and apparently he also had a bad accent so no one knew what he was saying. Also told me that his friend stopped bothering to go to his class. I hope you gave him a horrible evaluation. Apparently those things are pretty important in case anyone important decides to inspect him or something, iono.</p>

<p>About the common final though, I believe they were going to do that regardless of Titi's incompetence. The newly formed math committee was already cooking up the idea of a new system. They were already implementing new rules because extra credit wasn't allowed anymore last year. I remember one math prof talking about the new math committee and common finals way before you had taken your final with Titi in the fall. I could be wrong though, but just thought I'd throw that out there.</p>

<p>but math prof arent up yet i think....do you know when we'll know about which professor we'll have?</p>

<p>yeah i just realized that we don't know our professors for 2b yet. :[ i'm freaked out now. i was planning to take 16 units! :[</p>

<p>I would try to take Lehman or Famiglietti if you have the chance.</p>

<p>Check Webreg daily.</p>

<p>The math dept here is sucks. There's some really amazing teachers and than there are the really awful ones. I heard about the "common final", it was the most bizarre thing I've heard about...and now I know where the story came from! Luckily I had AP credits to pass out of 2B and am done with math!</p>