Warning- SS# and those postcards for info

<p>My D was filling out those post cards that you send to the colleges to get on there mailing list, to get information etc.</p>

<p>Several asked for a Social Security #. My D knew not to put it down. Reason? Its a post card for all to see with name, birthday, address, phone #, and other personal data for anyone to see. I know people in the post office are honest, but to have all that information together in the open like that just doesn't seem very smart.</p>

<p>Just a thought...</p>

<p>Never write your SSAN oor input it into any document, unless it states its subject to the Privacy Act of 1974.</p>

<p>Good call, CGM.</p>

<p>Sometimes I'm insufficiently paranoid.</p>

<p>yep, with all identity thefts, our kids need to be aware!!!!</p>


<p>Actually I think one was pre-printed with my SS#. Hm.</p>

<p>As a last resort, you can always put an envelope around the card and pay for the postage yourself.</p>

<p>Personally, I think there should be a federal law prohibiting agencies like colleges from asking for that information in that context. (Hmmm, maybe there already is.... I don't know). The problem is that many kids DON'T realize the risks they are taking, AND it is absolutely none of the college's business unless and until the kid applies for financial aid. I'll bet if there was a penalty that would cause colleges who ask for the SS# on post cards or in connection with requests for general information to forfeit eligibility for federal loans, the practice would come to a grinding halt.</p>

<p>I am going to email the colleges and suggest they not ask for the SS# on something going through the mail on a post card...</p>

<p>Kids are just so unaware of the risk...I mine, when I have to verify something over the phone they ask for last four digits.</p>

<p>My son didn't put his SSN down on any of the post cards or on-line forms. Nor did he "store" it on the common-app on line site.</p>

<p>Reading this thread has made me realize that S's number was probably given several times when it wasn't truly necessary, although AFAIK, he didn't put it down on any postcards.</p>



<p>I used to work at the post office, and this made me laugh out loud!</p>