<p><strong><em>Warning</em></strong> For everyone who is wondering about College Admissions Assistance or wondering if it is a scam. You should check it out with the Better Business Bureau. They are not a member and have been rated by the Better Business Burea with a D+. Like always you should check this out with you school before attending. You school should have all the information you need regarding colleges.</p>

I don't get it</p>

<p>The CAA is a for-profit service that offers high school students the opportunity to receive help and guidance with the college admissions process, ranging from SAT testing help to picking out financial aid. They send out letters to potential customers, invite them to a free seminar in which they presumably talk about the difficulties of college admissions and how their program will help, and from their embark on high-pressure sales marketing techniques to get you to sign up for their services (which costs around $2000).</p>

<p>Now, for some, this might be a god-send. For most others, you're probably better off doing your own research and saving a few thousand dollars. The BBB has apparently received a lot of complaints regarding this particular service.</p>

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