Warren College Housing- Single or Double?

<p>so warren has 37% doubles this year? I thought warren normally had either singles or triples. What's better, double or single? I was all set on a single until I read this.
Plus I sent in my housing contract really early (like the day I got accepted), so I guess I'd have higher priority.
What are the chances of me getting a double? and what are the advantages/disadvantages?
Also, I'm vegetarian, so IF i get a double, I'd want my own fridge and microwave, since I'm really picky. I just can't stand the smell of meat. Other than that, I think I wouldnt be a bad roommate.
I'm not sure if I should get a single. I'm a pretty reserved person in general, so I don't want to end up being a loner. But I don't think I have the energy to be "social" all the time.
okay, I'm done ranting. Any opinions? What has been your (or your friends') experiences.</p>

<p>The thing is, since you're in suites, having a single won't make you any more anti social. Most people's doors are open all the time anyway. The thing with a single is that you'll just always have the ability to have your own personal space that's just to yourself. That being said, I'm in a triple and it's perfectly fine. Since you did the contract the day you got accepted, you'll essentially get what you want.</p>

<p>I need to make this decision as well and i also submitted my housing app day i got accepted. Does anyone know the room size of a double? Its essentially a triple?</p>

<p>^The room is the same as a triple. 9.5'x15'. Obviously with a double though you have one less bed and desk taking up space.</p>

<p>A single won't make you a loner. I'm in one right now and it's really nice. On certain days, I have to pull all nighters or I end up staying up real late for random reasons. If I had a roommate, I doubt she'd be very happy about that. &About your own microwave, well let me be honest. Whatever you're microwaving is going to leave a stench and if you're in a double and constantly making the room smell of food, I'm not sure your roommate will be happy about that. My suite uses a communal microwave which I brought in the common room and it still smells in there when people microwave certain foods. But at least we can air out the room via the porch. </p>

<p>I'll be honest, I'm a reserved person at times and I like my own personal space. But I'm living in a double next year ^^. One of the things that made me sad when we all first moved in was that at night, I could hear my suitemates in triples talking until they fell asleep about their lives and they got to get closer through that. I also had to try harder than them to become friends but I am really good friends with them now. So you might feel initial loneliness, but with time, that'll pass. I promise you that. Also with the night time talk, I had a friend sleep over on an airbed in my room before and we talked until the sun rose so I don't think I really missed out on much living in a single vs. a triple. A lot of the time, my suitemates in triples would ask to borrow my room so they could study or w/e. </p>

<p>Whatever choice you make, I'm sure it'll be fine ^^. Hoped my little paragraphs/rambles helped!</p>

<p>im in a triple right now. its kinda crowded but you get used to it. it depends on your personal preferences. the loft is definitely the worst bed to get since you only get a tiny closet and a small desk next to the closet. But then, they assign you the sleeping arrangements so you'll have to ask your roommates if you want to switch.</p>