Warren: Compare/Contrast Res Halls

<p>I searched the forums but was unable to find definite answers regarding the difference between the 3 res halls (Frankfurter, Harlan, and Stewart).</p>

<p>Can anyone fill me in on their differences/similarities?</p>

<p>The reason you weren't able to find differences is because they are all essentially the same.</p>

<p>They're all the same.</p>

<p>Although I believe Stewart is the largest building of the three...</p>

<p>That's a relief.</p>

<p>Are there pros/cons for which floor one picks his or her dorm at (i.e., better view, etc.), or does it not matter at all which dorm one picks?</p>

<p>I don't think you get pick unless they changed it.</p>

<p>Yeah they don't let you pick floors as far as I know. But if you can, I would recommend staying away from the 1st floor - more bugs get in.</p>

<p>You don't have a choice in floor or building. But from what I hear they put people with similar "interests" together. Like for the past 2 years, Harlan 1st floor has been a smoke-friendly floor.</p>

<p>Does that mean incoming freshman are not able to pick their roommates (for a triple in Warren, specifically)?</p>

<p>You can request someone who is also in Warren if they request you too.</p>

<p>Is this done through e-mailing the residential life office, or is there a step later in the year during which we may request roommates?</p>

<p>(I finished the 4-step Housing Contract process, but there was no place to request roommates. The only relevant part of it was the page with preferences.)</p>

<p>You email your college's res life office.</p>