Warren Wilson - Any recent insight?

<p>My S is interested in Warren Wilson, and is also applying to UVM, Montana State, St. Lawrence and a few others. He's worried that the school is small enough that it will still feel like high school, and he's ready to leave that environment for the bigger world.</p>

<p>What is the community like at WW? Hippie is nice, but do they also assimilate with the non-hippie culture as well? I'm not worried about the Triad ... he's a Eagle Scout and that's already part of what he's done for years (service, work, academics). </p>

<p>Is it too much of the same thing? He wants to major in environmental science, but also wants to learn other things as well.</p>


<p>I did get a PM that suggested it wasn't all hippies, but a good mix. Any other info out there?</p>

<p>Visited there with my D in April 2012; very welcoming staff and very friendly guide. Her main focus is environmental science and students who would appreciate her vegan lifestyle and the school seemed to fit the bill.</p>

<p>There is definitely a hippie feel to the school and although there are several new buildings on campus the feel is almost like a camp on the side of a mountain. Very much a small community feel. They seemed to have a decent number of activities on campus for a school of it's size, and also offer a free bus to and from the closest big city, Asheville, NC.</p>

<p>From the stats it appears that a lot of the students head to grad school, and a high percentage do travel abroad. Several departments highlight the fellowships their students received. I did get an overall professional feel from the school, perhaps because all students work as part of the their triad system.</p>

<p>They offer both overnight and class visits, so check out the schedule with the admissions office to see if you can visit classes you are interested in. I'm sure my daughter will come back when she is a senior to take advantage of that. Instead of staying in Asheville, we stayed in nearby Black Mountain where there are a number of options for lodging and food.</p>