<p>How is the socializing aspect of Warren? Are there lots of anti-social/nerds there? How are the girls ;)</p>

<p>There's going to be nerds and there's going to be crazy partiers. There's going to be really pretty girls and not so pretty girls. It really depends on your class. Don't worry about socializing, UCSD is not socially dead (well, maybe it is if you live in a single and just sit in it all day studying).</p>

<p>there aren't usually parties on campus due to strict ra's/rso's. You will need to have a car or a friend with a car to get to parties off campus. it helps to join the greek system.</p>

<p>I am from Revelle and my best friend is in Warren, and we both love it. Both colleges have the easiest GEs. The social scene in Warren is amazing. I can find parties every weekend and there's always plenty of hot chicks.</p>

<p>soooo anyone from warren wanto to make friends fast? ;)</p>

Did you say Revelle has the easiest GEs?</p>

I made several friends from the facebook group (:</p>

<p>i cant find the facebook group for warren 2014. anyone care to share the link?</p>

<p>@hinderman: no way there are hot girls in warren? i hope ur not messin with me man..</p>

<p>^There are hot girls in every college.</p>

<p>yeah i added that warren orientation. im quite nervous about orientation actually. i only know one other person going to UCSD but he goes to Muir, so not like I will see him often D:</p>

<p>^It's college! time to branch out, and everyone else is new too so it's not a big deal. You'll make friends, just be outgoing and nice.</p>


<p>I knew absolutely nobody going here and now I have great friends. My advice is to just meet as many people as possible and look into joining clubs or doing sports. And even though your friend is in Muir, you can see them as much as you want (or don't want). It's not like they're that far or anything.</p>