Was Brown worth it?

<p>I am interested in hearing from alums who worked hard to get into their dream school.
Was it ultimately worth it and did it live up to your expecations and if so how and if not why was it a let down?</p>

<p>I have not infrequently heard peers bemoan the degree to which Brown alums talk about and obsess over their alma mater. By and large, we loved our experiences. There is a handful of other schools for which that is true, but Brown is definitely a member of the pack.</p>

<p>I've started making a point of asking people I meet how they liked their college experience. With some elite schools -- say, Harvard -- the answer is usually something like: "Well, there were some good things and some bad things, but overall I'm glad that I went and I feel like I met great people and had great professors." With Harvard, in particular, I don't think I've ever heard an unequivocally positive response.</p>

<p>With other schools -- and I'm rather certain that Brown is in this category -- the answer is more often something like "I f--king loved it!" </p>

<p>I'm incredibly grateful that I went to a school in the latter category rather than the former.</p>

<p>I might have a skewed bunch of alum friends (maybe the ones I've lost touch with didn't love Brown as much?) but we are all big fans, and Brown far exceeded my expectations of college. Of course us older alums think it couldn't possibly be as good/fun as when we went there, :)</p>

<p>My experience matches mgcsinc.</p>

<p>Virtually everyone I know has an unequivocal positive response about their time at Brown.</p>

<p>Although I enjoyed my experience at Brown, I am somewhat less enthusiastic. I would also say that "there were some good things and some bad things". It was certainly
not a bad choice but it was not a perfect fit for me.</p>

<p>I still have a little time left (I graduate in 6 months?!?) but I'd also be in the "some good, some bad" category. I believe it was the best of my choices, but none of those choices was perfect for me.</p>