was inspired to write a play in college

<p>Well, it's a little too late now since I'm almost done with my major and minors, but I think my goals lie in the entertainment industry. Since I am only taking one theater class (an intro to acting class), how much impact will it hurt not having the full experience of a theater major? I mean, I realized that Hollywood is my true calling simply because I'm Jewish (and we all know who runs Hollywood right)? So I accepted and embraced my destiny and in one fell swoop, I wrote my first (quite possibly my last) Opus:</p>


<p>It is in its beta stages, but I think it has potential. It is similar in humor to the hit movie: Superbad. It's inspired by a true story ( a socially inept person).I'm taking an intro to acting class next semester so I hope to learn a few tricks of the trade to reinvent the script. Anyone want to tell me where I should submit it for review? Or wants to review it?</p>

<p>I've written a play before, though it was in high school. It won lots of awards and was professionally produced, so it wasn't bad, lol.</p>

<p>For playwriting, I think that you need a combination of writing and theatre skills. How much training in creative writing have you had? Scientific or essay writing doesn't really count, it's a completely different skill. </p>

<p>As to whether it matters if you have not majored in theatre, it depends where in the entertainment industry you want to be. Honestly, many acting jobs do require a fair amount of training. Natural talent will only get you so far, there are lots of techniques and exercises you really need in order to be successful, especially because the industry is so competitive. </p>

<p>For writing, you need a fair background in creative writing as well as theatre. Because you are your own boss in this industry most of the time (you won't be hired by a company to just write whatever, you have to write the play first and see if someone wants to produce it), you don't have to major in theatre or English in order to write. However, you will probably be missing some important skills if you don't...try taking as many classes as you can on these topics because the industry is EXTREMELY competitive, and you will be up against people who have been working towards goals in the entertainment industry for their entire lives.</p>

<p>Also - do you want to be in theatre, or film? Because Hollywood is not the center for theatre, New York is. And they are completely different fields. I think this might be something you might want to do a little more research on before anything else. I went to a high school for the performing arts, majoring in musical theatre and writing plays on the side before I realized I didn't have the skillset to be competitive because I hadn't been training my entire childhood, unlike most of the really good people I knew. I know what I'm talking about when I say it's a competitive industry...it also does not pay well unless you make it really big, which is extremely rare. The only reason you should be in the industry at all is if you really have a profound love for it and couldn't see yourself doing anything else. I have had many professionals tell me that time and time again and it is absolutely true.</p>

<p>i sent you a pm! BTW, I go to Whitewater which is about an hour away from you. Maybe we can collaborate :P</p>

<p>The thing about being a theatre major is that you don't need it to get work, but you do need connections. A lot of people get their connections through working in their school's Theatre Department. The Entertainment Industry is all about who you know. If you know at least one person who is willing to hire you for anything (whether it be writing or backstage or crew or whatever), then you're in a position where you can start getting connections and more jobs. You get one job and you do well, then your name gets referenced and you get another job. People start to know you and then they start to take you more seriously. It's all about paying your dues. It doesn't matter if you want to be a writer, director, actor, or anything else.</p>

<p>As a writer, if you want people to produce your plays, you're going to have to find someone to produce your play and again, this calls for connections.</p>

<p>My university has this club called "Green Room Productions" and they have 3-4 short 10-15 minute plays written by students every semester. They also have the "Lab Theatre" in which they have a couple of full length plays that are originals written by students that they produce. You should check with your school's Theatre Department to see if they have anything like that where you can submit your play.</p>

<p>You can also check with local community theatres.</p>

<p>If you're looking at TV/Movies... Well that's a whole different animal.</p>

<p>But basically as RoxSox said:
Theatre=New York

<p>But if I were you, I'd check out some of the resources from Script Frenzy:
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